With Uncharted 4 Out & Over, Do We Really Need A Film Adaptation?

Pixelgate writes:

''As a franchise, Uncharted has provided moments that force you to soak in the scene. For years now, I've refereed to Uncharted 2 and 3 as the accumulation of what main stream video games have aimed to be. Those experiences that rival, arguably surpass, anything cinema can offer.''

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OtterX547d ago

I don't want it. They'll screw it up. Guaranteed.

PixelGateUk547d ago

Hollywood's track record doesn't really inspire confidence if it ever did happen

OtterX547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

Of course I'd LOVE to see a great Uncharted movie, but you know Hollywood. I'd rather them not even try. :\

I_am_Batman547d ago

I personally don't see the need for video game movies at all especially when we're talking about story/character driven games. I just don't like the idea of having an entirely different cast of actors play those roles. But then again I don't mind those movies too much. If the movie sucks (which it often does) I just ignore it.

-Foxtrot547d ago

If they just got the voice actors at least the main three, work their Hollywood make up magic on them, get Nolan to a strict bulk up diet and then follow a condensed Drakes Fortune script from the game which cuts unnecessary chapters out (which were done in the game story to add to the games length) and transition the gameplay sections in-between the cutscenes nicely together then sure I'd want it

But Hollywood aren't smart are they.

Miguelitons547d ago

For Uncharted I would love to see a film adaption, no matter what others say :-).

IIFloodyII547d ago

We don't need it, thankfully we probably won't get it any time soon either.

As Nolan North said, by the time it releases, he'll be old enough to play Sully.

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The story is too old to be commented.