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dead_pixels787d ago

I find this list's lack of Espgaluda love disturbing. :D

EvilAsh787d ago

The lack of shmups nowadays is disheartening.

s45gr32787d ago

The PS4 did had a shmup as a launch game. Like everything else there are tons upon tons of shmups on PC. Check out Steam store type shmup and be amazed. Check out those browser gaming sites like kongregate it has Shmups. Is that consoles nowadays are all about cinematic action/adventure games

wonderfulmonkeyman787d ago

I'm really looking forward to AAC, so I can respect this list.

ccgr787d ago

I think Super Galaxy Squadron should be on that list

TheROsingleB787d ago

No love for "Summer Carnival '92: RECCA"?

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