PC Gaming Enthusiast Battlefield 1: Let's Discuss!

Get in here for the discussion on the recent reveal of Battlefield 1.

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brettnll799d ago

Battlefield is gonna be lame. COD is where it's at!

LaWiiG799d ago

You my friend need to stop playing bad games.

Testfire799d ago

I think they're ( MW Remaster and BF1) both going to be great. It's sad you guys limit yourself to only 1 game.

SlightlyRetarted799d ago

Well, Activision leaves no choice because they don't sell MW Remaster as a stand alone game.

LaWiiG799d ago

Not limiting, playing the better choice XD

Testfire799d ago

@ LaWiiG, so you only play 1 game per year than, got it. In that case I understand why you choose only 1. XD