IGN: Infinite Undiscovery Review

by Hilary Goldstein:

"The story plays out very linearly, with no branching elements. There are sidequests, but none add to the overall story and amount to little more than time-consuming fetch quests. There are some nice twists and turns in the story along the way that help turn what could have been a somewhat dull adventure into something compelling. Capell is much like Luke Skywalker. He starts out whiny and pretty much never stops. Of course he's destined to save the world, but his development never betrays his underlining whiner persona. And that, oddly enough, makes him more likeable than some of the other rags-to-hero characters".

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spoon3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

First Culdcept Saga then Too Human then Tales of Vesperia... Now Infinite Undiscovery

kazuma3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

well erm...this is the us ign score -_-

wow at the disagree, yes this is not the us ign score -_-

Infinite Undiscovery RPG 7.1 Aug 27, 2008
Castle Crashers Action 9.0 Aug 27, 2008
Tales of Vesperia RPG 8.2 Aug 22, 2008
Galaga Legions Shooter 7.7 Aug 20, 2008
Too Human [AU] Action Adventure 6.5 Aug 19, 2008
Smash Court Tennis 3 Sports 4.9 Aug 19, 2008
Too Human [UK] Action Adventure 7.5 Aug 19, 2008

chaosatom3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

so yeah the score fits well.

And didn't they realease a RPG, not to long ago? corret me if I am wrong.

KingME3738d ago

"Well if you see the graphics. They weren't impressive and really dull
so yeah the score fits well. "

First off the graphics really are that bad, second you don't judge a game by graphics alone. I'm not saying that that's what IGN did, but it's obviously how you judge games.

Homicide3738d ago

Damn! I was really looking forward to this game, and I trust IGN the most. Guess I'll wait for others like 1UP to review it.

Baka-akaB3738d ago

Uh oh what ? I mean seriously who cares about ign , gamespot or most of the professional sites jrpg reviews ?
I dont think a single jrpg nut should , as they have consistently churned the same generic comment over many jrpgs .

Take the tales of series , according to those sites and magazines , its always "oudated graphismes , nice fighting system but repetitive , genric anime plots with no twists " , as if they were trading each others the same word sheets and template , without actually properly playing the games . Now that "suddenly" tales are more popular outside of japan , and now that its "next gen" enough for them , magically the franchise is awesome , wich it always have been .

I dont trust such site to do anything besides following popular trends , and giving popular titles like FF free passes , while dismissing lesser known titles that way .

TheColbertinator3738d ago


Now now.Don't get worked up about it.Just do what Dennis Dyack does...deny deny deny

CaptainHowdy3738d ago

i called this a few days ago, a 7.something. Oh well, now to see if my gametrailers prediction came true

spoon3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Square-Enix really are killing Squaresofts reputation.


hazeblaze3738d ago

Wow... the graphics were definitely not quite up to par... but I was expecting more from the gameplay. Still, if you're like me and looking forward to some next-gen rpg's, 7.1 isn't that bad.. at least worth a rent.

Seraphim3738d ago

well it is a Tri-Ace game... And let's not forget, unless your name is Final Fantasy, Fable, Kingdom Hearts or Mass Effect your RPGs are going to be grossly underscored. What will be interesting is to see what the two real reviews say; RPGfan and RPGamer. They're the only two sources I trust when it comes to RPGs. On a border line game like Infinite Undiscovery their review will persuade me to buy it, or hold off on it until I have the desire/time to play it. But right now, with Disgaea 3, and Tales of Vesperia I don't think I'll be adding any other RPGs to my collection until Fable II. ;)

spoon3738d ago

No if the rpg game is Fable, Kingdom Hearts or Mass Effect

it will not be given higher scores for its name

only if the name is final fantasy. i dont expect ff13 to be better than ff10

3738d ago
Kenshin_BATT0USAI3738d ago

Disgea 3 is an RPG and Folklore was an rpg too.

LeSouteneur3738d ago

is better than this game. Last Guy it is then.

Homicide3738d ago

Disgaea 3 has been getting better reviews that most of the JRPGs and SRPGs on the 360.

Dir_en_grey3738d ago

Wow I can't believe how many people are saying the graphics looks bad. I've always thought this looks the best out of the 3 from Square compared to Star Ocean and Last Ramnant's graphics. =/

solidt123738d ago

Im ready to play some jrpg's. Im either going to get this game or pick up Lost Od. I rented Lost od and it was good. I will rent this also and if it is good I will keep it.

3737d ago
3737d ago
sumfood4u3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

That's Life. ....................
Besides People always Judge Graphics over Gameplay & Story! I fail to see their Ambition in this. "It's just like a store having 10~day old milk an throwing a great graphic 80% off Milk sign, no matter how sweet the sticker looks it wont make it taste better?" Just my little food 4 thought! Take it 1~bite at a Time!

mfwahwah3737d ago

PSN games are graded with being a PSN game in mind. Full disc-based games are graded with being a full disc-based game in mind.

Maybe Last Guy is better, but don't trust a review to compare an "arcade"-esque game to a full game. Unless they specifically say in the review "this game is better than _______."

At least that's my opinion.

Montrealien3737d ago

Chuck Norris is, and always will be, a B actor, granted an indestructible one, but B nonetheless.

Go Go Walker!

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superman3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Seeing as i dont get Vesperia till 2009, I'll be getting this.

Edit: Vesperia comes out in europe in 2009.

jlemdon3737d ago

It'll be better than White Knight Chronicles.:)

Overr8ed3737d ago Show
Bombibomb3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Did you seriously just compare Tri-Ace to Level-5? LOL!

When's the last time Tri-Ace even made a decent console game? Star Ocean 3 sucked and I wouldn't be surprised if Star Ocean 4 ends up just as bad. Did you know that they've been developing IU and SO4 at the same time?

Montrealien3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

It seems Bomb person does not like it when people don't like the things he likes, or like games he thinks sucks. I will be trying this game out, it is a decent review, people do remember what decent means right?

mfwahwah3737d ago

Seems like some people don't know who Level 5 are.

Montrealien3737d ago

Oh I know who they are, I just won't piss one someone's opinion simply because they may prefer another dev. I can't wait for white night, and I will be trying IU out also. Not being confined to the small world of one console is the way to go imho, especially if you prefer video games over who wins the stupid "console war".

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clintos593738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

IGN is the most trusted game site out of them all to me, and I think Tales of V. sounds like the better game to buy.

Edit: Also forgot Valkyria Chronicles will be also another must buy game for me.

Millah3738d ago

Really? So you believe IGN when they are basically saying that Too Human is a better game than this?

Thats a joke. If you don't get this game solely because of IGNs score, you're pathetic. Wait for some more reviews to get a more broad idea of peoples opinionsl.

clintos593738d ago

Actually I do. I own Too Human, and as far as reviews go they are right about alot of the problems of Too Human, but at the same time the game is still enjoyable and is a good game. I really like the way silicon knights approached this game and even though they didnt nail the game with what they were really hoping to release to the public the game isnt that bad. I actually enjoy the game and think it is a pretty good game.

As for comparing too human to an jrpg that isnt a good comparison because too human is more of a rpg mixed with an action game like devil may cry. I think too human looks alot better then inifinite undiscovery and has more action then it and I can almost bet too human story is better then this game. Sorry man but as much as u might want to like this game and dont like too human, I still think too human is a better overall game despite the bad reviews. Just my opinion but hey I never said too human was legendary or anything, I just said it was a pretty good game which it is despite all the flaws it has in the game.

Superfragilistic3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Perhaps clintos finds that IGN's tastes in games is the closest aligned to his own and therefore the best indicator of what he will like? Maybe he doesn't regard Gamespot or 1Up as having the same tastes as himself?

I know I feel that way. IGN seems to parallel my tastes more accurately than a populist average such as Metacritic. And I'm glad I ignored the "broader/populist view" because as a result I have enjoyed many titles I'd have otherwise missed including the fun but flawed Too Human.

Games just like films, books and music are as wide in variety as gamers are in tastes... One man's Mozart is another man's 2Pac. If you can find a site or a reviewer that shares similar tastes to your own, it's only logical to give more weight to his opinion than the average of everybody else's... if only cause MoPac sounds awful! :P

kinggeoff3738d ago

who takes internet reviews seriously still

honestly, after all the sht that has gone down with regards to internet reviews...why do you people still place so much faith in them?

clintos593738d ago

I dont take emm personally the way u think we do but at the same time it is good to check out reviews from a reliable source that is not biased over any console.

IGN is a great resource to check reviews for a game because they have seperate reviewers strictly for each system. That way they give u a more positive review instead of just having some guy who enjoys all 360 games also reviewing ps3 games. I find IGN a great game site to go for reviews because they have seperate teams who review for certain consoles and those consoles are the consoles those reviewers enjoy and will give u there unbiased personal opinion which ill take over opinions such as gamespot for example where they had a reviewer who only enjoyed sports games, review a platform game which he obviously didnt like and that game was Ratchet And Clank which was a great game. This is why I preffer IGN over most game sites because like I said they have seperate teams reviewing, 360, ps3, and wii and pc titles just so all there reviews are fair reviews.

Does that mean u dont buy these games? No, of course u can go out and buy the game as it is your free will to do so and u should never let a review ever stop u from buying a game u really want to buy. But if u are one of those like me who want to see the review for a certain game u want to buy and need a good unbiased source, IGN in my book is the best source and is a reason why it is the most popular game site on the net because that is where most people go to see reviews for games they want to play.

Also wanted to say hi to, "Superfragilistic" lol. Long time no see bro. And totally agree with u. Well heres a bubble and ill see u around, peace. :)

NeoBasch3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

True. However, you should should keep your eyes and ears open for the rest of the reviews, as well. As much as I love IGN, I have disagreed with them on multiple accounts. Sometimes, I found them far off the mark. It just depends. You should sooner attach yourself to one particular reviewer than a corporate entity. Besides, most of the American media have yet to truly appreciate the JRPG genre.

I'll probably end up buying the game, but will remain on the lookout for fellow reader feedback. ;)

Superfragilistic3737d ago

Cheers mate. I'd give you bubbles if I hadn't already! lol

But I totally agree with you on IGN and you make a very valid point about their separation of review teams. 1Up letting an OPM writer review Too Human was laughable, and the Ratchet & Clank Gamespot incident wasn't much better! ;)

I'm around just not commenting as often, as each and every week the logic on this site appears to be continuing to spiral into an open zone abyss and I find myself wondering "what's the point?". I've found making, writing and playing games is a far better substitute anyway. ;)

TheDude2dot03737d ago


That excuse "OPM writer reviews Too Human? Biased Review!" is horrible. Too Human is not good. People need to get over it. Yeah there are always some people that love games that others don't (the same thing happened for Lair). The fact is that this game seemed rushed, and it was not fun.

And to #3, saying that online reviews are bad because they are biased is not true at all. All reviews are biased, online or in a magazine. Movie reviews? Biased. Album reviews? Biased. There is no such thing as an objective view of something. That can also be said for anything in the world. No matter what, there will be some small thing that turn a reviewer in a certain direction. After all, we are only human.

Superfragilistic3737d ago

Who wrote "There is no such thing as an objective view of something."

Perhaps you should practice what you preach before saying things immediately beforehand such as "The FACT is that this game seemed rushed, and it was not fun." ;)

There were no excuses on mine or clintos' part, we merely asserted our preference for one reviewer over another because they are more closely aligned to our own subjective tastes. As for bias, well the only one who used the word was you! lol

clintos593737d ago

U say too human is not good? I mean how isnt it good? If people enjoy a game doesnt that mean its good? Yes these reviews may have downplayed the review and some of them had good reasons but that doesnt always mean a game is bad. Too human is a pretty fun game despite the flaws it has. Every freakin game that has been ever made has flaws. There is no such thing as a perfect game.

U may see perfect scores for GTA4 or MGS4 but that doesnt mean the game doesnt have flaws which both those games do have. Its just that those games in reviewers minds brought something big to the table which no other games have done in there genre and has set the standard and is why they got perfect scores but that doesnt mean those games are perfect.

I am not only talking about too human when I say it is a pretty good game, there are many other titles people enjoyed even though the reviews werent as great as those people thought it would be. I can name a couple games that I really enjoyed even though they had bad reviews.

Dynasty Warriors 6 is a good example, I have always loved the series and despite bad reviews I was going to buy the game anyways because I am a fan of this series. And guess what? I loved DW6 and thought Gan Ning was even more bad a$$ on this version compared to DW5. Alot of u may look at reviews and say because this game got this low score must mean its a bad game but at the same time if this is a game u have been anticipating since u first seen trailers and stuff u can almost bet the game will be fun for u despite bad reviews which was the same case for reviews for DW6 and Too Human and many other games like Crackdown, Heavenly Sword, even Folklore and Lair and Lost Odyssey. Alot of these titles may not be as great as people thought they were going to be but all these titles can still be enjoyed by people who love these type of games.

Also wanted to point ou that I know there alot of biased game sites out there but like I have said before on my early post above, IGN is prolly the best source that isnt biased towards most games because they have seperate teams reviewing certain consoles to keep it a fair review. And those reviewers enjoy games on those platforms they review, so there reviews to me are more reliable then most other sites because most of these other game sites let the same reviewers who review 360 games review ps3 games and yes if this certain person isnt a big fan of ps3 games they are most likely going to give a bad review. For example GameDaily. Biggest 360 fanboys on the net and they still review ps3 games. U really think im going to go to this site to get reviews for a ps3 game I really want to play? Hells no im going to IGN like I have always done and I been happy with IGN reviews since the first time I went on there site.

I agree that yes almost every game site may have some bias opinions but that is how we all are and if we werent then there wouldnt be any games to critisize and we would all be just playing the same old games but this is a good reason why its good to have reviews because it also helps devs see what mistakes they have made and correct those mistakes with the next project they work on.

To Superfragilistic I totally understand why u dont comment much and maybe I should do the same since it is really a waste of finger muscles to waste on people who cant get things straight in there head, lol. Anyways u keep enjoying your games, and many people on here should do the same including myself. Ill be there sooner or later though but u take it easy and ill see u around. :)

N2NOther3737d ago

Actually, no, just because someone enjoys it doesn't mean it's good. No more than anyone not liking it makes a game bad. While taste is often subjective, the concept of "good taste" and "bad taste" exist for a reason. In regards to games, taking out the subjectivity of genre, graphical style and control scheme, there are issues that will, no matter who enjoys it, keep a game from being good. Bad frame rates, bad writing, bugs, and such. If these things persist from the outset, no matter how much anyone might enjoy the game, the game isn't good.

TheDude2dot03736d ago


I bought Too Human and hated it, so that means it's not good. You may like it whatever. I just think it's not good. The whole wall of text wasn't necessary.


I worded it wrong. I was talking about the excuse that people used like "OPM writer= bi a se d!" didn't make sense.

And yes I have reviewed things before (used to for school newspaper). And everyone knows that there is no such thing as an objective review. It's the same thing with breaking up with a girlfriend (or for juuken, a boyfriend... or a girlfriend if that's your thing). Can you break up with a girl and not feel a single feeling about it (and don't say Jerry Seinfeld did)? No matter what there will be some personal taste that will change a review to something else, regardless of if you review things.

I'm not saying you personally (or clintos) were making excuses, but I was just trying to say that IGN and 1UP should be trusted as reviews. Unless they have some scandal, saying they are biased is true, but not a good reason for distrusting them.

Of course, I say just rent stuff for like 5 bucks then buy it if you want. Reviews shouldn't decide anything except if that is the type of game you would like.

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wetowel3738d ago

aww man I was looking forward to this game. Looks like ill be getting it once it reaches the bargain bin now...

lodossrage3738d ago

At least rent it to try it out.

Reviews can never speak of your own opinion.

wetowel3738d ago

Ya I guess renting it is an option too but with all the games that are comming out i'd rather wait till its at bargain bin price when the next dry spell of games hits.

Julie3738d ago

Don't worry , i believe i will play it the same , i am a bit down ,but i love to play RPGs, and reading the review and not looking at the number does not sound that bad :3

lodossrage3738d ago

So to see this 7.1 is rather surprising. Hell, that's borderline 6. Granted, the U.S. isn't exactly keen on the rpg like Japan is.

But of course this is only one review and more are coming. And also, people should never let reviews sway them from a game they wish to try anyway.

Montrealien3737d ago

"I expected the major sites to give this around an 8-8.5"

Is that based on previews? personal preference? Or do you already have the game? Just wondering why you would expect a certain score on a game that is not even out yet.