Fan Is Working On An Unofficial Tomb Raider II Remake In Unreal Engine 4

Nicobass is currently working on a fan remake of Tomb Raider II in Unreal Engine 4.

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OoglyBoogly952d ago

INSANE! This is one remake I hope makes it through. Looks gorgeous and definitely deserving of a remake.

Anthotis952d ago

Don't forget the jiggle physics.

Inzo952d ago

Now that is Tomb Raider, the way Lara is supposed to look. Give me this TR and I will buy it day one.

Kyosuke_Sanada952d ago

Hopefully the game will have great animation to back it up. I think they have nailed the look pretty well.

quent952d ago

I swear epic game are just paying people to announce these fan made remakes just to hype their game engine, haven't seen any AAA games using the UE4 engine, tech demos and a few badly optimized mobile ports, that's it.

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