Aliens: Colonial Marines - New Mod Overhauls AI, Gun Play, Materials/Lighting, Bug Fixes & More

DSOGaming writes: "Aliens: Colonial Marines was a game that let down a lot of gamers and fans of the franchise. And modder ‘TemplarGFX’ decided to mod it in order to improve it in every possible way. Or at least as best as he could."

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gantarat957d ago

Another Day Another Time,that modder do better job than Actual Developer.

Septic957d ago

In this instance the modder didn't really have to do much to better the devs

Bobafret956d ago

I am pretty sure a large portion of the dev team were modders at one point as well, so what gives?

Activemessiah956d ago

Can anything ever redeem this game?

Perjoss956d ago

There's a mod that makes this game amazing, the only down side is it removes most of the guns. Its called Alien Isolation.