Ubisoft has lost control of Assassin’s Creed

With its reputation in tatters, Assassin’s Creed needs to regain its identity before it returns. Assassin’s Creed has been flogged to death.

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bixxel764d ago

Master Yoda: Control, control, you must learn control.

CoNn3r_B764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

Out of the 9 Assassin's Creed games (Main releases) I would only say that 2 of them were bad.
Assassin's Creed 1 was bland yet innovative.
AC 2 was brilliant.
AC:Brotherhood had great combat but a slow story.
AC: Revelations had great combat and a great story.
AC 3 was crap.
AC 4: Black Flag is my personal favourite in the series.
AC Rogue is an underrated gem with a compelling story.
AC Unity was crap but if it had functioned properly it would have been a great game.
AC Syndicate is basically Unity but it functions well as overall is an OK game.
I can't believe games like Call of Duty or Pokemon get away with this.

Ratty764d ago

I pretty much agree with you on every entry here but I still gave up after Black Flag. As much as it was good, I felt the story was going downhill after they fired Patrice Desillet (which would be sometime during the development of Brotherhood). The gameplay manages to remain good at least.

UltraNova764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

Yeah me too, Black flag was my last AC, too many new and/or more exciting games out there to bother anymore.

If and when they bring some drastic changes to the formula (including a year or two break)then I shall happily reconsider giving it a try.

Until then...

AliTheSnake1764d ago

I actually loved Assassin's creed 3. Liked it more than revelations and black flag.

phantomexe764d ago

Same i had AC 3 much higher. Connor and his tomahawk.

WellyUK764d ago

Why do people not like AC3? I thought it was alright, Unity is easily the worst. Combat was crap, story was poor and the main character was extremely dull, combined with the terrible performance.

darren_poolies764d ago

Probably because it had a six hour tutorial and was boring as hell.

blawren4764d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Granted it was my first AC game, but that shouldn't matter if the game was enjoyable. Played on Wii U and still had a good time. None of the issues people complained about made any difference in the game to me. I didn't notice them.

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Segata764d ago

Do you like your whole culture insulted by ignorance? The understanding of Native cultures is insulting in AC3.

phantomexe764d ago

I'm Native American and wasn't insulted at all at how we were portrayed. If anything its insulting how few ppl picked why he spoke the way he did.

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Master-H764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

AC Revelations had super boring missions and was a smaller games than the rest. Also, the combat was actually very glitchy from what I remember.

The series started going downhill with Revelations, imo.


I 100% agree year after year another cod where the developers don't listen to the fans or improve anything, reskin and release and no one bats an eye. I only think unity was bad due to tech problems not the character or setting/story. For me black flag and syndicate are my favorites as well as AC2. I am ok with a year off if it brings me ancient Egypt. Now if only Japan and Russia got proper games.

xMANB3ARP1G764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

may i ask why you liked 4 i might have to force myself back into that game i hear alot of love for 4 that i dont understand? i just didnt enjoy the ship parts and after a few times in the ship i quit. thats also when i stopped caring about the story at all.

CoNn3r_B764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

@USMC_POLICE when it comes to 4 I found the best part was the story, the ship combat was a bonus for me but I really found Edward to be a very human character with bucket loads of character development. It's also depressing as hell which I like for some reason.

bouzebbal764d ago

this is for me one of the worst series i ever played..
matter of tastes i guess but i never enjoyed a single one ( i only played 1 and 2)

WellyUK764d ago

Don't buy it then. It's easy as that.

blawren4764d ago

at least you tried...more than some can say sometimes on N4G. I respect your opinion.

bouzebbal763d ago

I salute your open mind about other's opinions.
I did hate the first one but still gave 2 a chance. I never read reviews and i never follow any fashion, i buy what i like or what i think i will like.

ShadowWolf712764d ago

AC 3 was crap?

On what planet?

blawren4764d ago

Not on my planet earth. I totally enjoyed it.

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Fez764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

Although in monetary terms, buying each on release at £40 average... £360 for the series... lol. That's being generous and without the side games and video content. Not worth it.

I'm glad I wised on after Revelations. Should have realised by Brotherhood tbf.

rainslacker763d ago

I honestly just got bored with them. Even the good ones early on, I would be bored about half way through....mostly due to those present day segments for cut-scenes. Eventually I just gave up, and only cared for the cool statues in the collector's editions...because they do have some of the best statues.

Some people have recommended Syndicate was a good one to get back into it, but I don't want to lose interest half way through I dunno.

PhucSeeker763d ago (Edited 763d ago )

For me, AC was all about the navigating the beautiful world and kicking ass.

AC: New cool parkour game with cool combat.
AC 2: Near perfect. Great combat and Parkour.
AC B: Almost perfect. More refined combat (similar to batman) and parkour .
AC R: Same with B, But the mini games kinda suck.
AC 3: Introducing lame combat and flying on wall. Suck ass.
AC 4: fun ship battles. The rest is the same as 3 which suck ass.
AC R: Same as 4.
AC U: Same as 3, suck ass.
AC S: Have the worst combat in the franchise. Having batman gadgets to go around is cool. Still suck ass.

Jonin7Spartan763d ago

Black flag & Rogue had nothing to do with "Assassins", in one of them your a pirate, in the other you're a Templar - but it's a naval simulator as well. They're not bad games - their not assassin creed games.

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xMANB3ARP1G764d ago

so ima sound like a ass here but am i the only one who thought 1 was crap to be fair i played one for the first time after brotherhood was out. that said i respect 1 for what it is and altiar is still my fav of all the assassins but as a game i just didnt enjoy it. also is syndicate really that good? i havent played it yet still on the fence i got burned by unity and 4 i dont wanna get burned a 3rd time by assassins creed

DragonKnight764d ago

AC1 is my personal favourite and I played it at launch. While the game is indeed repetitive, and once you get counter it's easy mode, no other AC game has the spirit of the franchise like AC1. Altair remains the only true Assassin of the series in my opinion. He got to where he was by being a professional and after falling from grace, showed the world what a true Assassin is capable of by reclaiming his honor and going on to reshape the Assassins in ways that our last him by centuries. The setting and story of AC1 is, in my opinion, the pinnacle of the series as well. Almost no emphasis was placed on First Civ nonsense until the very end and I think that the First Civ nonsense is what ruined the series.

Ubisoft had a great template to follow. They could have made each AC game a more personal affair of how each Assassin comes to be one and their personal fight against the Templars or even the Brotherhood itself without the need for an Animus or Aliens. Coupled with endless locations throughout history, and even having games like Rogue where you play as turncoats, AC could have retained the greatness of AC1 and 2,but corporatism ruins everything.

I'm still a fan of the franchise, but finding it hard to justiy buying at launch. $80 for games that are more and more samey is a hard sell.

WellyUK764d ago

AC1 is my favorite as well great setting and for me the best character ALtair followed by Evie.

rainslacker763d ago (Edited 763d ago )

First was good for it's time. Something kind of different. It was fairly repetitive though. I can't speak to how it would hold up today though, since I haven't played it since it first came out.

Phoenix76764d ago

I was hoping that by AC:S, the future story line would of finally been brought to an end. And Minevra would of finally revealed herself etc etc

But no. Instead we'll have to wait another 2years for the next AC, which could possibly end up rebooting the entire story line all over again or just not bring any closure

xMANB3ARP1G764d ago

as nice as a reboot would be that would kill the franchise atleast for me. that said they finish the story then reboot ill embrace it with open arms but i hate when they start a story then leave it unfinished.

Fez763d ago

Are you still playing Assassin's Creed for the over arching story? Good luck getting a satisfying conclusion any time soon :)

Kalebninja764d ago

I've only played one bad AC game honestly and that was Unity, I loved 2-4 (never played 1) and I thought Syndicate was really good, them taking a break is a good thing but its not because they're making bad games.

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