DMC: Devil May Cry Deserved Better – Rebooting Fan’s Hate writes:

''Fans can be great. They can enhance franchises, allowing creators to get an idea where the next game is heading. They’ll purchase a game without question, supporting it to no end. But what happens when those same fans become overly attached to a franchise in decline?''

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Momo118919d ago

the beautiful art style alone deserved better

PixelGateUk919d ago

The night club level is awesome, the switches in styles is just a treat on the old eye balls

Shiken919d ago

It is not that the game was bad, it was that DMC never needes rebooting. They should have continued on where DMC4 left off. The potential was there and the game screamed for a Link between Virgil and Nero.

DMC reboot would have been better off as a new hack and slash IP. I think this is what pissed fans off the most.

GamerGaming919d ago

I played it recent and was pleasantly surprise how great it is after reading through all the hate.

PixelGateUk919d ago

I think a lot of the hate was based on sheer love for the originals. It's understandable, but still doesn't reflect the game's quality

jeremyj2913919d ago

The game would have done a ton better if it wasn't related to the Devil May Cry name at all.

vickers500919d ago

I didnt "love" the originals, and I hated it. One of the douchiest main characters I've ever played as, got it for free on plus and deleted it an hour and a half later, couldn't stand how obnoxious "Dante" was and how lame the attempt by the dev was to make the main character appear "cool", "hip" and "rebellious".

Too bad, as what I've seen of it, I really enjoyed the art style. Too bad it was wasted on a game with such a horrible main character.

Ezz2013919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

It's a great game on it's own...but not great DMC game when it come to story and characters....gameplay was pretty fun though.

But I mean look at what they have done to Dante
he became the *Twilight* Dante,GODDAMNIT.

DarkOcelet919d ago

Ninja Theory did not respect the fans and they kept insulting them. The game was great but the way they treated their fans, i say they got what they deserved.

PixelGateUk919d ago

I agree there was a few barbs fired towards the fans that didn't do them any favours. Maybe it was down to frustration, most of us will never know what it's like to pour your self into creating something for years only for people to shoot it down based on a hair cut (initially anyway)

DarkOcelet919d ago

They want to make a different haircut, fine. But dont be an @sshole about it.

I mean WTF is that? Why put that in the game? Why are you aggravating the fans who will buy the game by putting this $hit?

Ultr919d ago

@DarkOcelet Because its funny.
I laught louder than I should have at that moment.

Blastoise919d ago (Edited 919d ago )


I think you're taking that joke a bit too personal. Especially considering the character in question. I found it pretty funny

A cheeky reference to the fans outcry? Yes.
An insult to the fans? Not at all

Clogmaster919d ago

His hair turns white in the end anyways, so they just conflicted themselves.

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-Foxtrot919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

The game wasn't really that great though. It's a DMC game and it took a step back on everything past DMC games have given us

and so on

The characters were awful, the story was bad, the game was slower. It just wasn't a DMC game.

The fact is when it came to reviews, journalists just magically forgot what made a DMC so great, making out it was a better when it wasn't. Still today I think something fishy went on behind back doors.

They never got involved with the hate the game was getting until a month before it came out and suddenly every site was saying the same things, defending it.

When you have that page GamerGate dug up with all the reviewers talking to one another about what they were going to talk about within their sites it makes me think that was one of the topics.

I'm sorry but when a game has a HUGE established structure to live up to, as well as the franchises firm roots then you should review the game on that aswell. If the game doesn't feel like it's part of a franchise it's supposed to come from then points should be deducted.

DarkOcelet919d ago

Lets hope that Capcom makes an Actual Devil May Cry 5 after this. The series has been gone for quite a while now.

Also Kamiya said he has no problem in making DMC5 so they should just ask him to make the game.

PixelGateUk919d ago

It certainly has faults. The last few levels are a bit naff and the story is kinda meh.

I enjoyed the art style for the most part, but i'm a sucker for those 'hidden messages' type things like They Live. Some of the level design was brilliant (to me anyway), the night club level and Bob boss fight are the two that stood out.

Enemy design was a little flat too, i still enjoyed the game and found it to be more enjoyable than both DMC 2 and 4

PixelGateUk919d ago

I'm not going to lie, when that happened i kinda laughed. It reminded me a bit of the Incredibles when they're talking about Capes (i know it's a odd link but it happened).

It was a risky move to put it in there for sure though

Cy919d ago

Gameplay aside, the game was terrible. Tameem turned Dante into a self-insert fanfic character. This would have done much better as a new IP, instead of an unnecessary reboot.

bananacrust919d ago

Ninja theory didn't fail fans. It was Capcom. they were trying to ride the Twilight wave with their revamped Dante.

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