Mass Effect Trilogy, Dead Space series and more EA PC games heavily discounted on Amazon

The Mass Effect Trilogy has been discounted to $9.99 on PC. Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection, Dead Space, Dead Space 2, Dead Space 3, Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, The Saboteur and more were also dropped to just $4.99 apiece.

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2pacalypsenow804d ago

Comon EA give us a proper Remaster of Dead Space trilogy and MAss Effect on Xbox 1 and Ps4

Revolt13804d ago

Whole heartedly agree with the Mass Effect part

_-EDMIX-_804d ago

I agree with both as a gamer and as a businessman.

So I liked all of Mass Effect vs some of Dead Space series I think it would be a great idea remaster both series as they would be able to get a pretty good return and I'm sure console gamers would like to play them in 1080p 60 frames.

I'm actually surprised EA haven't done one out of all companies they seem to be a bit more financially sound when it comes to seeking financial returns.

It probably wouldn't cost them that much either.

I hope they consider one soon as I'm already planning this summer to do an entire playthrough on PC of the trilogy it would suck if they released one prior to release as I just don't have the time to wait for such a version lol.

ifistbrowni803d ago

I bought the Mass Effect Trilogy on PS3 shortly before PS4 came out, I planned to platinum all 3 and potentially get the DLC so I could 100%.

Well, that car thing in Mass Effect totally killed the vibe on PS3. I hated driving that thing around on those bland planets (you had to do it a lot for the platinum). I gave up on the platinum but was satisfied with the game's story and world.

I never played Mass Effect 2 or 3 because I never found time before the ps4 launch.

All that said, I would LOVE to get a Mass Effect Trilogy on PS4/XB1. I plan on buying Andromeda at launch because I have such faith in the Mass Effect series (even though I only played 1). I would also buy a Mass Effect trilogy day 1.

Wallow804d ago

Remasters, how about proper sequels? We've been hypnotized to want remasters without even knowing it.

thekhurg804d ago

Seeing as how Mass Effect is getting a proper sequel this year, your point is somewhat moot if they were to do a ME trilogy remaster.

_-EDMIX-_803d ago

How about both. Can you even explain why a sequel would effect a remaster or vice versa?

Read how the process is done first bud, your point sounds a bit uneducated. Unless you think Bluepoint was going to make Uncharted 5 and a movie restoration of Star Wars EPIV delayed Star Wars EP VII

Dirtnapstor804d ago

Dead Space trilogy remaster... I'd buy for sure. Loved the series. Like others though, I'd rather have DS4!

2pacalypsenow803d ago

Too busy running all their franchises into the ground I guess.

_-EDMIX-_803d ago

So they say, who knows maybe they've been working on them. Publishers have not always been 100% transparent so who knows.

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Shazz804d ago

Would love ea to add all the 360 games to ea access

803d ago
Razputin803d ago

How about discounts on the damn DLC. Yea 75% off the base game is great, but for games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, NFS, Sim City that have $5-15 DLCs, and never go down in price at all. You end up paying close to the full price of the game.

I have yet to touch any DLC for ME3, with the exception of those that came in the Deluxe Edition on disk.

JasonKCK803d ago

I would love it if EA just added them to X1 BC so I could have my saves.

803d ago
TheOneWhoIsTornApart803d ago

Give us Dead Space 4 for current gen consoles dammit!!. Also please don't be like Dead Space 3. Dead Space 1 and 2 are two of my absolute favorite gaming experiences ever.

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