Game Positive Review: Bionic Commando Rearmed

GP reports:

''If there are two characteristics that most retro Capcom games are known for, they would be quality and challenge. Bionic Commando certainly constituted as both, given how its swinging mechanic introduced a new way for platformers to be played. Instead of jumping across gaps a la Mario or Mega Man, gameplay relied on your bionic arm, which was essentially a mechanical grappling hook. This tool allowed you to traverse environments in an almost Tarzan-like fashion, and for the time, there was nothing else quite like it. Bionic Commando Rearmed is developer GRIN's attempt as modernizing this classic formula. Much like its predecessor, it retains much of the fun of swinging around and blasting enemies, but some clunky controls and brutal difficulty mar an otherwise excellent remake.

In true Bionic Commando form, Rearmed does away with the jumping conventions commonly associated with 2D platformers, leaving your bionic arm as the primary means for navigation. Surprisingly, the swinging mechanic has been nearly carbon copied from the NES title, with a few minor tweaks. Your grappling hook can only be fired directly upward, at 45 degree angles, or straight ahead, and you can still reel yourself in at any time. New to rearmed, however, is the ability to latch onto certain objects and chuck them around, as well as grapple enemies toward you for use as a human shield.''

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