Tim Schafer Interested In Adding Brutal Legend To The Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Game List

Double Fine’s Tim Schafer is interested in making Brutal Legends backwards compatible for the Xbox One console. It remains to be seen when exactly the game will be playable on Xbox One though.

A fan asked Shafer on Twitter if Double Fine were interested in making Brutal Legend Xbox One backwards compatible. Schafer replied with: “I think it would be cool too!”

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Kiwi66854d ago

That game was fun to play so it would be nice to give it another go if it happens

DeToX420853d ago

Wanted to love that game so much but it just wasn't where I thought it should be. Still good news for any who haven't tried it.

853d ago
Youngindy21853d ago

When is Xbox gonna announce the backwards compatible games for January? I mean we are already over half way through the month.

no_more_heroes853d ago

I guess they're still getting that SoCo eggnog out of their system from Christmas.

853d ago