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PerfidiousSinn809d ago

Hopefully Kojima finally gets to make that game that destroys itself if you die.

Milkandcookies809d ago

lol, I haven't heard of this yet. It would be a treat to see what he could mastermind with respect to permadeath.

breakpad809d ago (Edited 809d ago )

@ PerfidiousSinn some say it is creepy pasta but such a game has already been made even from 90's was made from a Russian developer and it was and survival horror action/puzzle ,2D game ...when you died ,the game was erasing itself from the disk leaving you only with a useless disket ..when asked the developer why it was made that way the said it was purposely that way to be reallistic

809d ago
Roccetarius809d ago

Mentions permadeath, but doesn't mention Diablo 2 instead of 3.

syotos77809d ago (Edited 809d ago )

I know right?

Milkandcookies809d ago

I actually had a blurb about that originally but decided to cut it for a shorter word count. The gist of it was that D3 was more recent, accessible and friendly to new comers who may have wanted to try the game out.

Roccetarius809d ago

Recent or not, it should go back to where it originates from, instead of where it doesn't. This way some new player doesn't think, that it actually came with Diablo 3.

syotos77809d ago

That's reasonable. Diablo 3 definitely has a much larger user base than d2 or d1 does now so that makes some good sense.

Milkandcookies809d ago

@Roccetarius, I'll update it to give a deserved nod to D2. I can see where you're coming from but I do agree with @soyotos77, easier to get into D3 these days.

Scenarist799d ago

late reply but I preferred when games where hardcore and had smaller more hardcore followings opposed to now where everything is dummed down or made simpler so that casual players can jump right in and play. Its all about the money now, not deep gaming that only few can enjoy or put the time in to.

Understood (money).... but I cant respect devs who change an old games mechanics to appeal a broader audience while alienating those who made a game what it is.

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