Bionic Commando Rearmed Demo LIVE on PSN Japanese Store

Bionic Commando Rearmed Demo and FULL game is currently up for download on the PSN Japanese Store.

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Fat Princess3780d ago

I can confirm that this is true. Just checked my Japanese account on PSN. The file is 374 MB. Downloading it now. ^_^

RevN8r3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Yup, me too. I hope it has an English language setting...

@Fat Princess - Sweet! I can't wait 'til it's done.

The_Firestarter3780d ago

Same here! I'm downloading it right now. ;)

Fat Princess3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

It does actually. The menus are all English and oh my god it looks pretty. O_O I am so buying the full version this Thursday. And the music omfg I need the soundtrack. >_<

Marceles3780d ago

The demo is pretty fun, I still have to get used to swinging and not being able to jump (since I've been playing PixelJunk Eden)...I finally hit someone with a blue barrel after throwing a bunch over an enemy's head, I really wanted to fight that boss at the end too. It had some pretty funny demo dialogue in it as well. The graphics are really the hell out of Commandos thats for sure, I'm sold on it though..I'll buy it.

Coheno3780d ago

I love this game, super awesome! Have played the demo a couple of times now can't wait for it to come out!

xm15e2s3780d ago

I just played the demo, and I think I'm gonna pass on this one.

I had high hopes for it, but I found the demo to be kinda boring and frustrating (not a good combination... lol)

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demonikon9993780d ago

75% download damn i cannot wait

Storm233780d ago

So excited to play it.

ShinFuYux3780d ago

this sucks, yo.

I lost my password for my japanese account. :(

Rob0g0rilla3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Downloading it off PSN. I hope it's good.

Uhhh..I didn't know M. Bison was in Bionic Commando..

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The story is too old to be commented.