Could Dead Space rehab EA's sequel seeking image?

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"While EA has churned out endless copies of awful games over the past few years, they seem to be changing their ways. For the first time in many years I have actually found myself interested in several EA games at once. EA has always managed to produce a couple of good games every year (or rather buy the studios making these good games), but they finally they seem to be realising that it is quality that matter, not quantity. To prove this, look at the Medal of Honour series. EA has published 14 Medal of Honour games in the last 8 years. However since the very first one was published, the series has declined in Metacritic score to a low of 56 from the 91 they received for the original game. This is just one example of how the EA has ridden a cash cow series into the ground, while sucking out as much money as humanly possible."

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Milkman5413484d ago

I will say Dead Space and Mirror's Edge do look pretty good, and I'm glad to see EA stepping outside the box and finally taking a chance and putting out some new IP's.

ravinash3484d ago

Its got a good back story and the game looks good.
My hope is EA arn't going to try and milk it.