Fallout 4 Main Menu Screen Leaked

GR - "The main menu screen, as you can see in the image above, depicts a suit of power armor. "

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Derekvinyard13847d ago

Cannot wait. You know it's bad when a main menu screen gets you pumped

DarkOcelet847d ago

Must contain hype, where i live, we usually get those games a week earlier so i am glad i wont have to wait till Nov 10 :D.

I will play 24 hours straight the first day i get this beauty.

PeaSFor847d ago (Edited 847d ago )

im not working from nov 10 to nov16, coincidence? i dont think so..

schedule of monday nov9:
-go to work
-going back home after work
-eat asap then go to bed for some sleep
-wake up at 11:30pm, stretch and eat a snack...
-sit down in front of my ps4 at 11:58pm
-looking at the countdown for two minutes...
-launching the game for a ridiculously long session!!

PeaSFor847d ago


my boss is an 60years old gamer, he know exactly how i feel toward Fallout4.......because were BOTH taking some time off to enjoy our S.P.E.C.I.A.L week.(well, the last weeks of working a couple extra hours will finally pay off on fallout4 launch!)

DarkOcelet847d ago


Your boss is awesome, you know that right? Why cant my boss be this cool :(

parentoftheyear847d ago

Off November 10th - 15th. Just can't wait. :)

TwoForce847d ago

Don't hold it. Let it embrace you, my friend.😌

AlphaKennyOne846d ago

@PeaSFor That's pretty cool.

Does nobody here think the UI is incredibly ugly? I've never seen UI so ugly to my eyes. I think how flat it looks is what really gets to me. I hope there are options to customize it to keep me going while modders pump out alternatives for the PC versions. Other than that I'm looking forward to playing this game.

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Lev1903846d ago

Off from 7th till 16th. I took extra days off before the release so i can visit all the gameshop before the release. Hoping they are selling it before the 10th.


Ahaha same here !

Ready to take some vacation in the wasteland. Doing one last time New Vegas.

ArabianKnight01846d ago

Haha... you're so right I don't ever recall clicking on an article solely based on the menu screen of a game. Im so hyped for anything FO4, that said I've literally have taken a week vacation to play it under the guise that the vacation is for my B-Day (Nov 7). FO4 here I come. Nov 10 (12 days and counting)

user6666047847d ago

This and the Bloodborne expansion are the last games I'll be getting this year.

soul-assassin-846d ago

Any console parity on this game at all?. Undecided which to buy for. Already own fallout 3 digital on xbox 360, so that pre-order perk is wasted for me.

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frostypants846d ago (Edited 846d ago )

Supposedly the One will get mod support before the PS4, but it'll be a while before any good mods are available anyway, so that may not matter much. Bethesda isn't one to go much beyond parity in terms of graphics. I say buy it for the system that has the controller you like more.

Or just wait a couple of days post-launch for some impressions (yeah, I know, fat chance of that).

akurtz846d ago

id say ps4, youll be getting mods too and both are 1080/30 but i expect the ps4 to be more consistent in performance such with most 3rd party games

Ocsta846d ago

I have to wait for my Pip Boy edition to arrive in the mail. FML.

TLG1991846d ago

Hey, at least we get to play it while actually wearing a pip boy. phone fitting permitted...

blest846d ago

me to for ps4 but im getting an xbox one copy gotta have my fallout no matter what

frostypants846d ago (Edited 846d ago )

I'll just use my running arm band for my phone. Bam. Poor man's pip boy.

(actually I'll probably just pick up my phone normally)

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