BattleTech Returns to its Turn-Based Roots

BattleTech is being brought back by its original creators as a turn-based ‘Mech combat game. The game will be set in the 3025 Succession Wars otherwise known as, “Classic BattleTech.” You'll play as the leader of a mercenary company who has to manage their group from finances, to the loadout of your ‘Mechs. The game is on Kickstarter now, and has already had the base game funded along with the single-player.

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No_Pantaloons1141d ago

Really hope people get behind this. Harebrained Schemes has done a fantastic job with 3 Shadowrun games and this looks to be another great revival and an example of how kickstarter can be used the right way to get the games we actually want.

DiaperFace1141d ago

Good, TB stomps all else.