Gears of War: Ultimate Edition – Is it worth revisiting?

Is Gears of War: Ultimate Edition worth playing? Yes, it definitely is. The Gears series has aged extremely well and its popularity wasn't a product of perfect timing back when it was first released in 2006.

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Trekster_Gamer1032d ago

I think this guy is clueless...

GOW was great in it's own right, not because there was no Halo.

If you play the original it still holds up extremely well.

Can't wait to play this remastered version.

headblackman1031d ago

this guy reviews like he works for ign or gamespot. WHAT A JOKE!!!

Travis37081031d ago

If you haven't bought the first one, then yes it's worth buying.

Lon3wolf1031d ago

Worth it even if you have played/bought the first IMO. Looks a decent remaster with added content.

Automatic791031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

I played the original Gear of War and in June the beta made me fall in love with Gears all over again. I will be playing this game come midnight. It's on.

christocolus1031d ago

Man so many games. this, MGS, Forza 6, Halo 5 and Tomb Raider..may also get Battlefront at some point. and all these games have multiplayer. damn.

Revolt131031d ago

For me it is. And I'm sure it is for many others.

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The story is too old to be commented.