Here Are the Winners and Losers of Gamescom 2015

Let's break down some of the winners and losers from last week's Gamescom conference. Spoiler alert: Xbox did really well.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1195d ago

Haven't EA learned from Disney!?

Rookie_Monster1195d ago

Wow, 3 out of the 4 editors chose XBOX One as the Winner....and I 100% agreed . :)

Rimeskeem1195d ago

Xbox One has a great show.

But Playstation didnt even have a show so......

Rookie_Monster1195d ago

So Sony forfeited as they have nothing new to show rather than go head to head with the competition.

That is just a theory so who knows. :)

Rimeskeem1195d ago


They have stated multiple times that they skipped Gamescom because it is simply too close to E3. Anyways, they still have PGS, TGS, and PSX

Rookie_Monster1195d ago

Calm Down dude. I said it is just a rumor and I am sure Sony will have new stuff to show as well at their upcoming shows. Looking forward to it. Stil don't know why you make it such a personal deal when what I said about 3 out the 4 editors made xb1 their winners from this article as I know Sony wasn't there but just stating what was said. Chill bud.

Yetter1195d ago

simply too close with nothing new to show. I think thats pretty obvious.

jb2271194d ago


I like how you upgraded your "theory" to "rumor" status....Here's a rumor for you, Sony has upwards of a dozen studios all working on new titles, as well as around a half dozen potentially generation defining titles on the docket for next year. They also have a TGS showing, a Paris Games Week showing & a full on dedicated Playstation Experience to fill up....but I guess your "theory"....oh I'm sorry, the "rumor" is that those conferences will be filled w/ nothing but sales statistics and the sound of crickets.

MS had a good solid show, nothing mindblowing. Considering their year is finished in terms of conferences already that means that MS announced 3 new exclusives this year whereas Sony announced that many or more in the lead up and during E3.

There's an actual "rumor" making the rounds that Sony's PSX will have upwards of a half dozen new AAA titles revealed, and that "rumor" has actual first party studios to back it up....I guess we will see which "theory" is true in a few months.

Spotie1195d ago

It's not a theory. It's fanboy BS you and others have been parroting since before the conference was even held. Don't know why you're trying to act like the "theory" has any validity since it was shot down before it left the runway.

medman1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

So the editors of one site chose the xbox, yet the official gamescom awards clearly chose otherwise....


So no. In other words, Microsoft couldn't even win a conference in which Sony didn't hold a press conference,though Sony obviously had a strong floor presence, and the official gamescom awards show that. I personally think Microsoft had a very good showing at Gamescom, and showed off several interesting titles, but the Europeans just don't care about the xbox, period. So for all the noise you hear about Microsoft exclusive this, Microsoft exclusive that for this fall, and the noise about Microsoft's lineup for 2016....the bottom line is that it really only matters to gamers in the US and UK. Microsoft can do well in those places, but they're probably not going to fare well elsewhere. We've seen this before, after all.

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maybelovehate1195d ago

Winner: Crackdown 3's destruction demo!! Been a long time since something in gaming has blown my mind.

Loser: I don't know. There was nothing I hated.

FoxyGotGame1195d ago

Microsoft won GC by default. Almost everything shown on X1 was awesome. The loser of GC is EA's The Sims Stage Dancing/Party nonsense.

Truly Cringe Worthy /

Rimeskeem1195d ago

Thank god i skipped EA stuff then

Yetter1195d ago

yeah, that was brutal.

FoxyGotGame1195d ago

Thanks, but coming from a PS-Centric Site, I would expect a little Bias. IMO MS Won Gamescom by Default .....better? /

Spotie1194d ago

It's not a Playstation site that did the deciding. It was Gamescom itself.

Brutal link, but if you check the bottom of the article medman cites, it links you to Gamescom's website.

FoxyGotGame1194d ago

Oh okay, I hit the link and just noticed the sites name PS Lifestyle, my bad.

Who am I to argue with Gamescom, huh?

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Paleblood1195d ago

So according to their logic PlayStation is a loser because they were not present but then this very pathetic logic makes also the xbox a loser because they are not going to be on Paris and TGS.

Also, you have to be very dumb to call "loser" to the console that owns 90% of all the European console market.

Yetter1195d ago

nobody had heard of Paris gamesweek until Sony said they would be there. And its not like MS has ever had a real presence at TGS.

Chevalier1195d ago

Sony is beating competition 9-1 in Germany they didn't need to be there. There are going to be over 300,000 people at Paris Game Show which is comparable to Gamescon size which has about 350,000 attendance.

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