What is Mass Effect Andromeda - Info & Theories

Gameranx has theories on the timeskip, why Andromeda, and why N7 is in there. This video also serves to recap everything Bioware has revealed so far.

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medman1196d ago

I expect Bioware to stun me when gameplay for this is finally revealed.

Naga1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

After how much they have been talking it up without showing us anything of substance, they sure as heck better be hiding something phenomenal.

Ashlen1196d ago

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'm not excited. Bioware under EA especially now that basically all the founders have left just doesn't make the same type of games and the new EA style just doesn't appeal to me.

Mass Effect 3 was my least favorite for a bunch of reasons, Dragon Age 2 was crap and Dragon Age Inquisition while better than 2 really didn't impress especially when compared to other RPG's that came out later in the year.

I hope to be surprised. But given that as I understand it's a reboot and previous choices won't matter I expect EA to make a cheap sequel which is how I feel about ME3 in a way when you look at the recycled multiplayer maps and lack of companions ect.

deafdani1196d ago

Reboot? As far as I know, this isn't a reboot. Just another story entirely, apparently unrelated to everything that happened on the original trilogy. But it's still contained in the same universe and same continuity.

Ashlen1196d ago

"Just another story entirely, apparently unrelated to everything that happened on the original trilogy"

Right, a reboot.

deafdani1196d ago

A reboot is when you completely discard previous entries in a game series as if they never happened. That is not the case here.

Again: Andromeda has continuity with the previous entries and it's the same universe. It's just a new story, as in, not related to Shepad, and most likely not related to the Reapers either.

Ashlen1196d ago

Well then I don't know what to say about Tomb Raider since that's the same character same world. And they are prequels using younger Lara who presumably will eventually do all the stuff she does in the earlier games later in life.

deafdani1196d ago

Yup, as far as I know, Tomb Raider was a reboot because it reimagined everything regarding that world. That's why Lara Croft had a complete change of appearance compared to previous games, and that's why the gameplay was also so different, and the origin story was different as well. This reboot completely discarded all the previous Tomb Raider games.

As for Lara becoming the bad-ass we've known to love in the original TR series, I guess we will see that on the new Tomb Raider launching this year for Xbox One... which will be in the same continuity of the 2013 reboot, not the previous games, which apparently has been thrown to the trash.


Lonnie181196d ago

I just hope it will be fair on all consoles :)