Cuphead gameplay direct from Gamescom 2015

If the name Cuphead doesn’t immediately ring some bells, here’s a quick visualisation. Think all of those classic, bullet hell shooters you played way back when, combined with the even more classic visuals of early Disney cartoons. Cuphead mashes these two genres together effortlessly – creating a unique looking game that delivers a far deeper experience than the aesthetic suggests. In other words, it’s incredibly challenging

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moonstormer1075d ago

looks cool, but i still don't think i'd buy it.

Why o why1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

This title is on my envy list. You're lucky you have the option. Hopefully it turns out solid

WobblyOnion1075d ago

This and unravel are the games I want most. LOOK at it ! JUST LOOK AT HOW CHARMING IT IS.

GavinMannion1075d ago

Unravel is cute and all but a bit too arty for my taste... they are over thinking it

Automatic791075d ago

I can't wait to play this game.

blakstarz1075d ago

Games looks amazing, and hard as hell too!

rbluetank1075d ago

is this game studio owned by Msoft? can this come to the PS4 later? I would love to play this on the PS4.

KiRBY30001074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

its not owned by MS. they developer told in an interview at E3 that this might be available on more platform(s) later.

so, PS4 version is possible but not confirmed.

KiRBY30001074d ago

here's the actual quote from the interview:

“Cuphead will launch first on Xbox One and Steam and we will consider all other options in the future!”

dcbronco1074d ago

We will consider translates to Microsoft pay or buy us. Or the IP.

BlackPanther1074d ago

At E3 they said console exclusive but who really knows. Possibly in 2017 or something.

rbluetank1072d ago

I will just wait. if it comes good if not I will live and move on.

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