If PS4 Had Backward Compatibility, Would You Even Care?

Xbox One has this feature and for the first time in several generations, a PlayStation console doesn't. But do PS4 owners really even care?

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uth111080d ago

I upgraded from Wii, so I have no PS3 collection.

miyamoto1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

Microsoft: 'If you're backwards compatible, you're really backwards'
Xbox business head Don Mattrick says only 5 percent of consumers play past-gen games on new systems.

I believe its still better to have a PS3 & a PS4 at the same time. I still have a PS2 with ethernet adaptor. I am planning to buy a PS1.

There is still a certain joy in playing on the old generation of consoles. Like the magic, and the time is encapsulated there in the experience.


remasters are good also as they fix so many stuff impossible to do on the original games. and the games are presented with excellence.

also two or more consoles are always better than one. If one breaks down you still have another.

TheGreatGamer1080d ago

'Xbox business head Don Mattrick says only 5 percent of consumers play past-gen games on new systems.'

Should read 'FORMER Xbox head...'

If you read all the top comments on that article, you can see people were upset with this statement at the time. Match that now with the overwhelming positive response to Microsoft's BC announcement at E3, yeah, people care.

uRaDecepticon1080d ago

If you have a p3 and ps4 its because you have no stable or solid choice as far as backwards compatibility.

Rookie_Monster1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

Thank god Don Mattrick is not the head of xbox then. ;)

jb2271080d ago

Totally agree. I see no reason to get rid of your old consoles, you are lucky to get 50-100 bucks back for an investment worth thousands....better to hang on to it IMO. Like you said, it's nice to have another system around in case one craps the bed. Beyond that, anyone who sold their 360 to get an XBO most likely sold their games along with it since BC wasn't announced from the jump, and those who didn't will still have very limited access to what they own at this point and for the foreseeable future....I mean beyond Gears and Mass Effect 1, there's really not a whole lot on offer that isn't included in the Rare Replay collection.

I honestly wouldn't care less if Sony announced BC for the ps4, I still wouldn't get rid of my old system & the only way I'll play last gen games on a current gen system is if there is remastering or some new spin added to make me revisit.

miyamoto1080d ago


LOL! My PS2 and PS3 are both backwards compatible, my friend.

But Don Mattrick is correct I rarely use that backwards compatibility feature.

And as a forward thinking gamer I still got the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Remastered editions as they have better graphics quality and framerate.

I used to have 5 PS1s but I gave them all to my brothers.

Now I miss them I wanna buy another one to satisfy the completist in me and to see the PlayStation family all grouped together to celebrate the awesome history of the PlayStation brand in their "own time capsule consoles".

Having old console gives a gamer more "authority and credibility" a video game critic like me. :-)
Its a good S.O.P. to always have a "backup unit" in any operation.

xHeavYx1080d ago

Of course I'd care, the question is, how much would I care? Not that much.

nX1080d ago

The only PS3 games I would play through backwards compatibility are RPG's like Ni No Kuni or Tales that have not been continued on PS4 yet. The other genres I'm playing are available on PS4 as well so all in all backwards compatibility is not needed by me. Actually I don't even have enough time to play all my PS4 games so I couldn't care less about some 5 year old PS3 games I played through already.

UltraNova1080d ago

I cannot deny the convenience of having a single system play older games along with the new ones(when they work as they should, that is) but as someone who still has his ps2 and ps3 my answer is no I don't care.

nix1080d ago

i personally feel.. for people who have not played PS3 games, it really matters. i've had friends who ask me if PS4 supports PS3 games. PS3 really had great games and they know it and they're casual gamers.

Professor_K1080d ago

Said Don Mattrick

who is no longer around

frenchtoast1080d ago

Imo, it doesn't matter that much if you've played every game you wanted last gen. If you've never played something, then it is an issue. For example, SOTC and God of War 2 came out at the end of PS2 cycle, so I played these with BC on my PS3, but since then I have never tried any PS2 games on my PS3 because there are plenty of new games to play.

Also, HD remasters of the best titles is enough to not need BC, and I believe Sony are doing the same thing this gen e.g. Last of Us Remastered, Uncharted Remaster. So you don't NEED PS3 BC on PS4, it's more of a luxury.

If only a few % of people will actually use it, it's not worth spending the time, money and effort getting it working. You may as well use those resources more wisely, by improving or adding other features to firmware.

Lon3wolf1080d ago


That's why he is no longer @ MSoft he also added all the "features and rules" that MSoft are getting rid of too.

OT As I say for XBox BC it's not needed but nice to have, I would feel the same if my PS4 had it too.

ABizzel11080d ago

IMO it's a great feature to have, just because it allows you to trade in your old console and free up space if most of your games work.

That being said if it was to come out on PS4 later this year, then just like i plan with XBO It'll only matter for a few weeks, just to try it out, then a few months for my favorite multiplayer games like Left 4 Dead 2, and to beat my backlog.

At this point there are too many games coming out in 2015 and especially 2016 to spend a large amount of time on playing games I already beat.

It's a great feature to have just because, but it's a temporary joy that'll last a few months. It's nice to see MS taking advantage of it, by offering free versions of prequels such as Fallout and Gears turning them into Collections and a reason to buy over the PS versions (well Fallout at least), but again most of those fans have probably bought all those games.

It's a great feature to have so I'm not knocking it, but it's much better to have a launch, not 2 - 3 years down the line when games are really starting to drop, making it a niche use and time killer to the next big IPs.

LastNewtStandin1080d ago

If your PS3 breaks down your not playing PS3 games any more unless it's remastered, If your 360 breaks down you can still play via back compat. But like with remasters only if the title is added.

There isn't really a difference other than I can see more games being released for Back compat than will get remasters and so far microsoft are showing a trend of offering the original games as back compat along with game sequels & remasters. For free.

I'll happily take the best of both worlds as playing on a 10yr old console is definitely not as good as playing it on a new console with streaming, screenshots, dvr, cross system streaming and cloud saves bringing all your old content into one unified place. Nowhere near it. I can boot gears of war today on my xbox, Load up an xbox 360 party and talk to my friends that didnt upgrade as well as play the full multiplayer with all dlc etc.

It's about choices and we can't deny microsoft are playing this generation very well considering the embarrassment of the E3 reveal. By all means not perfect, But no less amazing than anything else out there right now.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1080d ago

I still have my PS3 so BC is just a gimmick in my opinion.

Griever1080d ago

BC on PS4 would be nice to have but that is it. I owned a PS3 for 3 years and never played a single PSOne or PS2 classic on it even though I got about 25 of them out of nostalgia. Old games just do not feel that fun when you try playing them today.

SniperControl1080d ago

I have over 150 PS3 games, maybe 40 off those on disc, since i bought my PS4 at launch i have hardly touched my PS3. The same thing will happen to Xbox's BC, it will quickly fade into peoples memory and be forgotten, because there are so many great new games coming out, maybe a quick trip to Red Dead or Gears once in a while but that's all BC will be.

Kidmyst1080d ago

I can't keep up with the current Gen games, gotta finish Witcher 3 before MGS5 comes. I still have my PS3 and 360 but don't use them with all the Free Plus games and backlog I have now. So no, I would not care if PS4 had BW compatibility nor do I that Xbone does. It's a cool feature though for those who use it. Sony could do similar with PSNow if they felt a big enough market for it.

XisThatKid1080d ago

To be direct, if it happened yea I think I'd use it but I could care less I've accepted this since last gen I'm ok with it between me and the misses we have 2 PS4s and 2 PS3s 2 Vitas I'm good on BC

Alexander1Nevermind1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

A few games I would like to play again (Dragon's Dogma comes to mind). BC is not a must for me tho. I have plenty of games on PC and my PS4.

medman1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

I hung onto my ps3 and my 360. No way I'm giving them up, even though my current gen backlog is such that I only really use them for media functionality, particularly blu ray (ps3) and out of network sports (360's espn app). I also game on ps4 and pc...I understand if people are desperate for money when buying a new console so they feel like they "have" to trade in an older system, but it seems counter-intuitive to me. Heck, I still have an NES kicking around and a Super Nintendo seated right next to my other, newer systems. That is true backwards compatibility, my friends!

Azzanation1079d ago

The fact you listen to Don Mattick, the guy MS saked for not understanding the market.

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Christopher1080d ago

I would. I still have all my PS3 games and my PS3. Being able to get rid of the need of a PS3 would be of tremendous value to me even if I only play PS3 games on the rare occasion.

jb2271080d ago

How tremendous? 50 bucks in trade in & about half a square foot worth of real estate? Not really tremendous in my eyes. I personally wouldn't want Sony to waste the capital and the man hours trying to figure it out, better served building new games and experiences than saving me a bit of shelf space.

Christopher1080d ago

***How tremendous?***

My gaming area right now is a 3-shelf area with one being taken up by a network hub, another my PS4, and another my PS3. If I can get rid of the PS3, it leaves space open for a different console

***50 bucks in trade in & about half a square foot worth of real estate?***

Zero to do with cost, 100% to do with that space. Not everyone has a gaming area with endless shelf space.

***I personally wouldn't want Sony to waste the capital and the man hours trying to figure it out***

Depending on how much it would cost or if it's even possible on the PS4, I'd probably agree.

But, the question wasn't if BC was possible on the PS4, but if it had it would I care. My answer still stands, I would care.

OhMyGandhi1080d ago

do you have like a storage room, closet, a drawer...It sounds way more like OCD than actual, practical reasoning.

Christopher1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

***do you have like a storage room, closet, a drawer...It sounds way more like OCD than actual, practical reasoning.

I have a wall hanging shelf with a TV hung on the wall over it. It's in an open room that is divided in half between my office space (with wall-to-wall bookshelves on the far wall and my hanging TV/shelf on the small wall near my sink and cabinets) and the public area where we host guests. I have family, they have things, we share a house.

I'm certain I could just throw a console on something else, but sorry if I actually care about keeping my house looking neat and orderly. I'd swap out the PS3 for an XBO when I buy it, but I'd still have to store that somewhere and bring it back out.

What I find funny is arguing my opinion based on your opinion of how much space I should have to hold consoles or other items. Fact is, my home is not your home and it is my home. And, what one considers a priority, is not what you might consider a priority.

For me, it's a priority if I can reduce my consoles by one more so that I can make room for another without having to store things away and bring them out when I want to use them.

It's not like I sat here and said it would be a tremendous value for every gamer. I said it would be a tremendous value to me. That's how it is. Your personal set up has squat to do with my own.

Rookie_Monster1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )


I agreed with every thing you had just said. I traded in my PS3 to buy my PS4 but still have some classic PS3 games on disc and digital games and DLCs on PSN and it would be nice if I can continue to play them still on my PS4. Oh well. :(

Death1080d ago

I have an entire room dedicated to systems and games I have had since the 70's. That doesn't mean I like shuffling them around when I want to play. B/C on the Xbox One is going to free up the HDMI input so I can move my PS3 back to my main gaming TV. There are quite a few games I still haven't played or finished and it's a 60 gig so I use it for my PS2 and PS1 games when I'm feeling nostalgic.

Christopher1080d ago

Heh. "Some" games, Rookie? I think I have close to 150 PS3 games :P Just imagine if all of those (or even 80% of them) could be played on my PS4?

I didn't like it, but I was a little happy when I gave away my 360 and games to my nephews (I know they loved it since they killed their first one). Freed up soooooo much space. Of course, I filled the bookshelf space with more RPG books quickly... I do like those books...

dougr1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

Dude, I am laughing very hard at this post. Has to be a troll job. Like to keep your house clean because you put your ps3 on a separate shelf instead of on the same shelf as a hub or something? Give me a break, that's just stupid. In reality we really are talking about you saving about a square foot of space. You could always put your ps3 under your ps4, but let me guess, your wall shelf is the perfect size to fit just one console at a time? lol keeping your house tidy, that is such a stupid, stupid post. Plus you separate your living area with book shelves filled with box games and such, your living room already looks like trash, so might as well be edgy and put that ps3 on a different shelf.

SolidGear31080d ago

I traded my PS3 towards a PS4 last month and got $150 credit. I saved one game and that's Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Wouldn't mind playing it on my PS4. Holding out hope that Mass Effect and BioShock trilogies get Remastered editions.

Christopher1080d ago

dougr: This is my wall shelf

Just in case you don't believe me, here's a screenshot saying I purchased it:

As it is, my PS4 hangs about an inch over the edge because of wire management and size. You think I can fit a PS3 + a network hub on that space?

It's kinda sad that you people see trolling where it's just reality. You can't imagine that a person has something different that limits space? Is it really that hard to imagine?

LuckyDuck121080d ago

The space argument is just ridiculous lol I have friends from Cambodia who live with a large family in a tiny apartment and they managed to hook up every console they owned no problem and they didn't need any silly rack either. #1stworldproblems

watchem1080d ago

Why buy a next gen console to play last gen games? Stick with your ps3 then.....

Christopher1080d ago

***Why buy a next gen console to play last gen games? Stick with your ps3 then.....***

I own a PS4 already... I didn't buy it to play PS3 games. But, it would be awesome if it did play them (or PS2 or PS1) so I could limit use/need of other consoles.

@Cambodia guy: Uh-huh. Sure. You do realize I didn't say I couldn't connect a PS3 (it's connected right now), only it would be of great value to me to not have to do it, right? Less hardware in my house is always a good thing. Sorry if I don't live up to Cambodia cramped apartment expectations? Seriously, though, you guys sure are taking this thing for a drive for a simple question on "if PS4 had it, would I even care". I'm thinking your buddy in Cambodia would probably care since he'd be able to get rid of one piece of hardware as well. If not 3 pieces of it.

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LAWSON721080d ago

If all you did was have a Wii last gen you fd up, just saying lol. And if you continue to ignore a whole 8 year generation of video games you are continuing to do so.

uth111080d ago

I was a PC gamer who hadn't bought a console in forever before I had the Wii

sanosukegtr1231080d ago

I would. I have a ps3 and got loads of games for it. but thinking if i should get a ps4 where i gotta pay for online multiplayer whereas ps3 you dont.

joab7771080d ago

I don't care about BC. I want a group bundle for Now, Plus and Vue. Thats it. Now is what I'd rather have.

Death1080d ago

You may want to see what the PSNow sub actually gives you. It's very limited in content. Even if you received a bundle there are many games you would need to pay for separately.

r2oB1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

@ death

There are about 115 games available in the subscription model of PSNow (with more being added consistently). If you call that very limited selection, what do you call backwards compatibility with only 100 games available? If you want to be the voice of reason, why don't you tell Xbox gamers to see what backwards compatibility allows you to play before putting away their 360s, since you know, maybe some of the games they want to play may not be available.

Death1080d ago


There are over 1000 games for the PS3. The subscription service has about 10% of them available. This isn't due to a lack of games on PSNow, it's the amount of games Sony could justify for the monthly fee. 350 are on the service with over 200 requiring a separate purchase. Here's the list if anyone is interested including what's covered under the subscription.

Of the 1163 games in the Xbox 360 library, "over 100" will be available when the backwards compatibility update releases. That is the only information we have. At launch, this will be a small percentage of the games available. How many we see overtime will be completely dependent on third party permission. Games made available for b/c will also be available for sale digitally for those that don't own them. As you know we are already seeing third parties give these games away for buying the new releases. From a publishers standpoint selling a copy is more attractive then renting for a much lower return.

Ravenor1080d ago

I don't get it, you'd rather not have your PS4 run PS3 games natively...but pay for them again? Oooookay.

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iTechHeads1080d ago

I upgraded fro PS3 and sold it and all its games since I would be playing on PS4 anyway. Maybe I would have kept some PS3 games if there was BC but honestly it wouldn't have mattered much. Fast forward almost 2 years from launch and I couldn't give a crap about playing PS3 games on my PS4.

harrisk9541080d ago

In all honesty, I had a launch PS3 60GB model. I only used the backward compatibility once to play God War 1 and 2 (I guess that's really twice).

So, for me, I don't see the draw.

Pogmathoin1080d ago

Ignore the outrage when PS3 Slim dropped it.... That never happened....

Ravenor1080d ago

This is N4G, history has no place here.

showtimefolks1080d ago

IMO this is a bragging right type of feature. if both ps4 and Xbox one had it than not many would care. but because one console has it while the other does than now it's bragging right type of a deal, especially for fanboys and trolls

I would say a very very small number of people will actually use this feature. but again the vocal minority on n4g are the fanboys and trolls.

I would love to know how many people will actually use it and how many are just saying they will use it.

uth111079d ago

exactly! When only the Wii had U it, nobody really cared that much about it. Xbox gets it and suddenly it's the best feature ever and a game changer!

uh huh, sure...

KiwiViper851079d ago

Your the perfect candidate for backwards compatibility.

Imagine all the PS3 games that you have never played, that are sitting in $5 bargain bins. You could game for an entire year on $100.

Does that not sound like an awesome idea?

Bigpappy1079d ago

Reading all of these comments, makes me think PSnow is dead. Is it?

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gangsta_red1080d ago ShowReplies(3)
TheGreatGamer1080d ago

When the competition has access to free backwards compatibility with 100 plus titles, yeah, I think it's pretty fair to say PS4 owners will feel like they're missing out. It's just such an awkward situation for Sony because PS3's unique hardware makes it hard to emulate. While they do have PS NOW, they need to reduce the prices if it is to be an appealing alternative to backwards compatibility

TheGreatGamer1080d ago

Disagree all you like guys but I'll leave you with one final thought: As someone who got both an xbox 360 and ps3 when they launched respectively, I have amassed a large collection of both 360 and ps3 games during the last generation. Fast forward to now, Xbox One is allowing me to play some of my favourite games of all time free of charge whereas Sony expects me to pay to stream them? I won't be giving Sony a penny through PS Now unless they reduce the prices and actually make it fair for those of us who previously owned the game.

dumahim1080d ago

So do your PS3 and 360 no longer work?
That's why I don't care about BC. I have my PS3, I have a working 360. BC not needed.

OOMagnum1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

My ps3 broke but I guess that doesn't matter towards this conversation. I sold my 360 to upgrade for my one, now I guess that doesn't matter either 😁.

Jayszen1080d ago

The PS3 is still supported by Sony and if you have a large collection of PS3 games, you shouldn't have to pay to stream them, just use a PS3. I think you are right that Sony should reduce prices PS Now for those who previously owned the game and I suspect this is exactly what they will do, if they want the service to succeed.

r2oB1080d ago

@ thegreatgamer

So how often do you play PS2 games on that launch PS3 you have?

If the answer is a lot. Well maybe you should have played PS3 games on your PS3, that way you wouldn't have amassed such a backlog of them. And if that's the case, I recommend you use your current console for current gen games so the problem doesn't persist.

If the answer is not often, well, need I say more.

showtimefolks1080d ago


How many times do you still play the ps2 games on your launch ps3 model?

also if you have a Xbox 360 and ps3 wouldn't it be quicker just to play your games on those consoles? instead of having to insert the disk than downloading the game to play it?

I think and I could be wrong but a very small percentage of people actually use this feature. but since this feature is offered by one console and not the other, it automatically becomes a bragging right fanboy feature

I am not calling you a fanboy. but most people who are touting this won't even use this feature.

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Zero1091080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

I agree. One is "free" of charge and the other requires internet, streaming, and cost money. Even if you have your old console, BC saves up space (room and controller space). Not only that but games load faster and play better on BC.
New games are giving you the old ones for "free" with BC.

Honestly, I do care (and several others). PS Now isn't an appealing service at all dew to its high prices and rental duration. Since I have a Ps3 and I'll be getting a ps4 later this yr.

What if your old console doesn't work? What if one of your friends/family members is using your old console and you want to play one of your old games? What if you don't have the space/ports/cords to accommodate multiple consoles in your room? What if you want to sell your old console?

These are things that factor in the purchase of a console and why people care for BC. It's not "needed" but a lot of features aren't (such as the music/social apps), but it's definitely pleasing to have them (especially of it's free of charge).

twiggytree121080d ago

"games load faster and play better on BC."

I disagree. I take it you didn't play any BC games on 360? Some games ran just fine, but a majority of them had multiple issues that left a handful of them unplayable.

"What if your old console doesn't work? What if one of your friends/family members is using your old console and you want to play one of your old games? What if you don't have the space/ports/cords to accommodate multiple consoles in your room? What if you want to sell your old console?"

What if a majority of your old games don't make the BC list? I understand they say they will add hundreds but there is over a thousand 360 titles in the wild (1,163 as of june 23, 2015)

Its the older titles I am concerned about (dead rising 1, shadowrun, import tuner challenge, fight night round 3 etc.) After seeing the first list of BC titles released and the top results for the BC vote (call of duty black ops 2, RDR, skyrim) I am concerned they will be forgotten about completely.

If the BC list nail's your entire 360 collection then I can't blame you for being ecstatic about it, but some will not be so lucky and will have to keep the ole 360 around. I'm hanging on to mine just in case.

Death1080d ago

The digital copies of b/c games can also be streamed to any Windows 10 PC you have in your home. The interesting part is the GWG and free downloads we are getting as new game incentives don't need a disc in the X1 drive. Essentially it's becoming a game keg that you can remotely access. If Microsoft releases an emulator on PC it would be even better since you wouldn't lose access to the Xbox One to play your games.

Zero1091080d ago


Go to Eurogamer or ask anyone who is in the preview program (I am in it but the only game I've played is Gears 1 which runs better). Almost every BC game is playing better on the x1.

To the other comment, I was giving out scenarios in which MS BC gives you benefits or a reason to get the x1 console/or ditch your old one. Of course you can keep your old console but x1 BC doesn't distract you from the immense benefits it offers (which I stated in my comment above or you can look at what MS is doing now).

They've stated they all won't come and that's a shame but the majority of the titles will come and once again, it won't cost you a penny. There is literally no downside to this.

twiggytree121080d ago

"Go to Eurogamer or ask anyone who is in the preview program (I am in it but the only game I've played is Gears 1 which runs better). Almost every BC game is playing better on the x1."

That doesn't mean anything. Besides there are only 24 BC titles available right now

24 working well out of hundreds doesn't say much... saying they will all work perfectly is a stretch at this point and definitely not a fact set in stone YET.

"I was giving out scenarios in which MS BC gives you benefits or a reason to get the x1 console"

I was just giving scenarios to its downsides and why someone is better off keeping their old console if their old games mean that much to them.

Just trying to shine some light on the other side of the fence, and explain why I and others are skeptical.

dumahim1080d ago

What if your old console doesn't work?
I'd buy a new one or get my broken one fixed. In fact, I already did get my original launch day 60GB model reballed.

What if one of your friends/family members is using your old console and you want to play one of your old games?
I don't let them borrow my consoles. Not that anyone would ask in the first place.

What if you don't have the space/ports/cords to accommodate multiple consoles in your room?
I have plenty of room. Not an issue.

What if you want to sell your old console?
I would sell it and not play PS3 games anymore. Usually once I'm done with a game, it goes on the shelf and never touch it.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1080d ago

I don't really care for PS3 games on PS4 but PS2 of course. I haven't played those games since the PS2 gen because my PS3 couldn't play them and now the PS2 looks horrible on my TV because of the low resolution. My PS1 I would even go so far to say you can't play games on it with a HDTV, that's how low the resolution looks. PS1 and PS2 support on PS4 should happen but PS3 the PS4 is probably too weak to emulate it.

ginsunuva1080d ago

Except for the 60% of Ps4 owners who own Ps3s.