FIFA 16 playable first on Xbox, with exclusive Legends to boot

Sony customers remain under transfer embargo

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1148d ago
Corpser1148d ago

Comes first to Xbox only because of EA Access.

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lemoncake1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Yep, ea access gives early access to every ea game. Such a sweet deal.

Edit: @disagree I guess someone's salty

Magicite1148d ago

Make it x1 exclusive and europeans will start buying xbox in droves.

RosweeSon1148d ago

Nah just play last years for another week. It's only FIFA not like it's a new metal gear or smash bros or Zelda get a new FIFA every year ;)

Magicite1148d ago

Sports games are so meh..

mcstorm1148d ago

I see where you are coming from but FIFA has a following like cod and if people can get it a week early they will get the console they can get it early on. Not everyone is the same. I'm not a massive FIFA fan but I do see people getting the game yoy.

Destiny10801148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

ms making stupid deals with popular franchises

I wonder how quick ea would change that policy if no one bought fifa on ps4

RiseofScorpio1148d ago

Wait what does this apply to Sony aswell.

testerg351148d ago

Isn't it because XB1 has EA Vault? Sony didn't want EA Vault.

Whitey2k1148d ago

What do people expect peter more ex Microsoft I don't care about the excess we know it's a week early but damn EA keep shitting on Sony the only the only thing EA n sony has is battlefront

Avernus1148d ago

To be fair, EA and Sony had a deal for BF3 didn't they? Getting DLC a week early some or some crap like that. Also Sony has a deal with EA with NHL, having exclusive least the last NHL game had it.

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The story is too old to be commented.