Xbox One Sales Top 13 Million Units Worldwide

VGChartz writes: "Microsoft's eighth generation home console, the Xbox One, has surpassed the 13 million mark, according to VGChartz's latest sales data.

The Xbox One reached the milestone for the week ending June 27. The console sold 94,057 units to bring its worldwide lifetime sales to 13,054,203 units. There have also been 61,731,058 games sold for the Xbox One at retail."

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PhoenixUp1205d ago

For a console that sold 1 million in its first 24 hours on the market and had one of the biggest launches in the industry, its kind of jarring to see sales taper off so much too the point that X1 selling on par with PS3 at this point.

JeffGUNZ1205d ago

Xbox One is still surpassing Xbox 360 at it's life when it was released. You assume these numbers are poor because Sony is EXCEEDING expectations. MS is still outpacing the 360 in it's few year life span. That's pretty good.

2pacalypsenow1205d ago

The Xbox 360 was pretty hard to find back in 2005-2006 same with ps3 , Xbox 1 - PS4 have been the easiest consoles to find in stores

RosweeSon1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

It may well be but 90% of those people are probably just upgrading from 360 that's not gonna continue and for it to be slowing up barely 2 years after launch, gonna take some massive changes to even keep pace with themselves (360) let alone the competition.
Yes 360's were hard to come by purely due to low stock levels I ordered around nov/dec 2005 or whenever it was and was told should be in by march, luckily it arrived week before Christmas but that was likely down to the fact that a good 30% or so if not more especially around that launch period were failing beyond belief RROD?! wouldn't have helped stock levels with Microsoft having to take stock they were intending to sell just to replace faulty goods. Xbox is doing ok but it'll Never match Xbox 360 it'll be lucky to clear 50 million Units worldwide in its lifetime, aim for around 30/40 million and you won't be far off.

iTechHeads1204d ago

The Xbox 360 wasn't exactly selling like hotcakes in its first few years. It was only later in its life it started to print money(and eventually outsell the Wii in the US)

So a console that has much better brand recognition, features, power and arguably games than its predecessor should be doing much much better when comparing sales. Just as good just isn't good enough.

You can't think that Microsoft is happy with the Xbox One's performance either. The proof of that is in the multiple price cuts and free game promotions or bundles they keep doing. They have sales targets that they have missed and sooner or later they will settle for 2nd place, even in its home market.

JeffGUNZ1204d ago

@ RosweeSon

It's hard to really know those figures, 90%? You're just speculating which is fine, but I think that number is a little too high. I think Xbox One will ultimately sell 50 million given a normal length of this generation. Don't forget, years down the roads both the PS4 and X1 will be reduced in price where a lot of people will end up picking one up at a low cost late into a generation to play exclusives they can't on their console of choice. PS has a significant hold on world-wide marketshare that it is not realistic MS will beat Sony in this generation or several generations to come. They have been making the right moves lately which is great and over time their numbers will increase.

Still, way too early to predict ANY consoles final numbers.

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xDHAV0K24x1205d ago

is it really? considering they never have support from the japs?

PhoenixUp1204d ago

@ Jeff

PS3 also surpassed 360 at this point in its lifecycle. And considering that X1 had such a successfully huge launch, I'd expect it to be a lot higher than PS3 at this point. Especially considering that X1 is cheaper than PS3 was.

I think its more than fair to compare and see how Microsoft's fastest selling console is only selling on par with Sony's slowest selling console.

SaveFerris1205d ago

Speculative numbers because it is VGChartz after all. Why can't we get an official confirmation of sales from Microsoft?

life281205d ago

because if they announce they have less than PS4, more people will buy PS4 "because is better! it must be according to sales!"
So Microsoft is focusing on strong line-up.

Spenok1205d ago

Yeah Microsoft hasn't made any official announcement in some time. Only how much the systems (360 and Xbone) have sold together. Which this past quarter was 1.4 million combined I believe.

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Bathyj1205d ago

I wonder if we'll ever see real numbers from Microsoft.

Spenok1205d ago

Eventually for sure. They won't have much of a choice.

FoxyGotGame1205d ago

MS haven't really given any real figures since January or even earlier, I'm not quite sure.

Still, 13 Million+ Units is enough to keep 3rd Parties on board, and MS are really doubling down on 1st Party Content this gen. Even if VGChartz have skewed or over tracked X1 figures, I'm pretty certain MS would have sold at least 12 Mil. by now ....surely? /

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