Kamiya is Pissed Off at Microsoft- “Are they f****** with me?”

Kamiya is NOT happy with Microsoft and their marketing of Scalebound nor his role at Gamescom

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Majin-vegeta1232d ago

Not Scale bound a MS IP or kamiyas?

Sureshot1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Microsoft rarely publish IP they don't own. Recent exception being Sunset Overdrive. I assume SB is MS owned or at the least partially financed :S

christocolus1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Yup. MS owns the ip.same with Quantum Break. Gamespot had an article about this some months ago. I think MS decided to start owning the ips they publish after the Ryse debacle..also Phil confirmed this a while back.

Volkama1232d ago

Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Sunset Overdrive. They prefer to own IP, but there are quite a few examples where they've been willing to negotiate on that. I don't know about Scalebound though.

Allowing a studio to own their IP could be a pretty strong incentive for a partnership. It is supposedly one of the primary reasons Insomniac worked with them. Money is obviously a fairly strong incentive too.

_-EDMIX-_1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Not really true, they often will do that, they did with Mass Effect and with Gears Of War last gen (as last gen MS didn't own Gears Of War, they bought the IP this gen and EA Bought Mass Effects IP from Bioware, not MS)

Sooooo they do it much more then many realize.

But Scalebound to my understanding the IP is owned by MS as its been legally trademarked by them (though many times a trademark doesn't mean that.......most times it does)

Just to point out too, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Tomb Raider, Mass Effect, Ninja Gaiden and many more, they've done that quite a few times.

@Volk- "Allowing a studio to own their IP could be a pretty strong incentive for a partnership. It is supposedly one of the primary reasons Insomniac worked with them. Money is obviously a fairly strong incentive too"

Agreed. Though they are able to get timed deals in that regard, I see it as a waste of money and a waste of the brand name, like with Tomb Raider, that can only work so many times before many lose trust in the MS brand name in terms of publishing first party games.

The fact that anyone is even asking about Scalebound's IP is enough to show its hurting them more then helping.

How many are second guessing other projects? ReCore?

That very well could result in lower sales based on many feeling the game is timed and they can just wait til it comes to PC or PS4 etc.

They have lots of examples of it happening to sorta back them up too.

MS needs to really stop that as to gain that trust back, that when it states Microsoft...its ONLY ON XB!

You better believe I would already own an XONE if they never actually pulled a lot of that last gen. Its hard to get a XONE for a title that very well could be on its way to PC and PS4 in the future.

We don't ask "Is Horizon Zero Dawn Sony's IP? Is The Order Sony's IP? Is Bloodborne Sony's IP?"

Why? Well they have strong trust and history of only publishing IPs they own. You don't second guess them, you very much do MS and that sorta needs to end.

@Sepitc- they can ask, but Sony owns The Order IP, they own the Bloodborne IP, that is like asking for a petition for Halo to be put on Wii U! LMFAO! Let silly folk ask, Sony doesn't have a history of publishing titles they don't own (not after PS1 days anyway)

The point is, anyone can ask for anything...doesn't really make it justified. Its just to ask about MS and publishing other's titles as they currently are with Tomb Raider sooooooooo lol

Sep...logic, find some.

mhunterjr1232d ago

MS also published Ryse and Dead Rising 3 in addition to Sunset Overdrive... At this point, you can't really call it a rarity.

Septic1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )


"We don't ask "Is Horizon Zero Dawn Sony's IP? Is The Order Sony's IP? Is Bloodborne Sony's IP"

For The Order and particularly Bloodborne, a lot of people asked that actually. Hence the PC petitions and associated falafels :)

"The point is, anyone can ask for anything...doesn't really make it justified"

Yup and you just killed your whole argument there :) You're a master of shooting yourself in the foot lmao.

Mr Pumblechook1232d ago

He bet on red, but the ball landed on black.

4Sh0w1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

I'd just like to know how exactly are they pissing him it legitimate or is it just Kamiya being Kamiya, as the article states the guy is known for outbursts. In the past he has attacked Sony and even folks he works with like Keiji Inafune too.

Crimzon1232d ago

Funny seeing EDMIX talking about Microsoft funding IPs that go to PC and insisting Sony doesn't do the same when we've got games like Sreet Fighter V, No Man's Sky, Shenmue 3 all in the exact same situation as the one he's trying to paint as bad haha. Always sad to see fanboys contradict themselves so embarrassingly when they're trolling.

On the topic of Kamiya however, this doesn't look very promising if Microsoft are treating him bad. Scalebound has been one of the more promising Xbox exclusives in my opinion, and one of the games that has me wanting to purchase the console in the future, so any difficulties between Kamiya and Microsoft is concerning. Looking at the source, he apparently has a lot of issues with Microsoft's marketing strategy for the game and considering how angry he was at Nintendo, I can't help but feel sorry for the guy for going through the exact same troubles with Microsoft. He's an incredibly talented guy so it's not really fair to mess him around this far into his career when he has so many excellent games under his belt.

Maybe he'll make a game for Sony next? It sounds like he probably won't want to work with Nintendo or Microsoft again, but then again he's had some pretty harsh things to say about Sony in the past as well. I respect him for speaking his mind, though. Someone needs to.

bouzebbal1232d ago

Kamiya is a hotblooded guy, he got pissed at Nintendo for Bayo2 box art last year.

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Ezz20131232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Be cool guys.

No need to turn every thing into console war

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dantesparda1231d ago

"Kamiya is Pissed Off at Microsoft- “Are they f****** with me?”

Kamiya is NOT happy with Microsoft and their marketing of Scalebound nor his role at Gamescom"

Hey you make a deal big with the devil, you're gonna get f**ked.

Im just kidding, just kidding, please don't kill me. I own MS products (X1, 360, got Windows on all my PCs).

4Sh0w1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

dante, we all should be able to take a joke, at least you're not automatically jumping to conclusions. Looking at the guys latest tweet to a fan, it pretty much sounds like he's a hot head.

Sorta makes me wish he wasnt the guy behind what looks like could be a very interesting game for X1.

MightyNoX1231d ago

No sympathy deserved here.

You went with an All-American-centric Console platform known for screwing over Japanese Devs and 3rd parties.

You reap what you sow.

donthate1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I personally think that Kamiya although speaks out a lot, it isn't necessarily from his mind, but from his emotions.

I appreciate and respect people that are outspoken, frank, and to the point, but not necessarily people that blurt out things, and most of the time says nothing, but their frustration.

It is childish!

So what is bothering you today, little Kamiya?


I never understood why people keep advocating for "exclusivity" that locks out other platforms i.e. if it wasn't on PC, I would get an Xbox One by now like Edmix is saying above.

So basically you are advocating for MS and Sony to keep these timed exclusive deals like SFV or Tomb Raider.

Reason why I ask for exclusives is so that more games are produced, that isn't taken care of by the third parties, but it doesn't mean let's keep it from PC gamers.

That is just selfish, hypcritical and double standard. We clearly see who advocates for this, and why just reading some of the comments above and likely below.

I'm glad MS is treating Windows 10/PC as a new platform and is signifying that Xbox One games are coming to PC. One more platform I can play my games on and rooting for cross buy!

Imagine buying a game, and getting BC games included with the new purchases and then cross buy in one package!

Let's say I bought Gears of War: UE for Xbox One and I got Gears of War 3 for BC, and then also Gears: UE for PC. Amazing!

AngelicIceDiamond1231d ago

Whatever is going on here MS needs to fix this pronto. Can't afford to piss anyone off MS, especially a guy whos handling a game like Scalebound. Gotta tell it like it is MS dont screw this up for yourselves and us the fans.

kreate1231d ago

so this is a story where the developer might break ties with microsoft due to microsoft's over-control with the ip. similar to bungie's situation with Halo.

WowSoChill1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

This guy seems a little over protective of his work if you ask me, it was only a CGI trailer, those aren't suppose to really represent actual Gameplay and everybody knows that

Tetsdah1231d ago

Donthate, I don't think SF V is timed exclusive. Capcom PR guys have said in multiple articles it's never coming to the X1. But it is Ps4/PC, so PC gamers can get into the pie. I do understand what you guys are saying. Certain 3rd party comes to the respective systems exclusively, whether it be because of the business deals or merely because there just is such minimum audience for that title on the other platforms that it's not worth the costs to bring them over. It's kinda just the way things have been. The timed exclusives are even more pronounced this gen because of the shift of timed exclusive content or the timed deals like Tomb Raider. It's just a curse that's gonna be even more of a thing this generation.
We'll be seeing more 1st parties from both sides soon though, so no worries.

donthate1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

"I don't think SF V is timed exclusive. Capcom PR guys have said in multiple articles it's never coming to the X1."

I am 99.99999% sure SFV is coming to Xbox One. It will just be called SFV Ultimate Edition. When Capcom says, SFV and all it's iterations will not come to Xbox and it is a a lifetime exclusive, I will believe them.

Otherwise, Capcom is right, SFV will not come to Xbox, but SFV: Ultimate super duper edition will.

I won't be supporting this practice from Capcom, so I won't be buying their game even if it did come out on Xbox. At least SE/CD/MS has the decency to be straight forward about the partnership and tell us when a PS4 version will be available.

Capcom/Sony has been lying about the partnership all along.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1232d ago ShowReplies(15)
Haru1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

He probably finally realised that signing a exclusive deal with microsoft was a big mistake, especially since PS4 is selling 2 times more than xbone worldwide and like 100 times more in japan lol

lvl_headed_gmr1231d ago

This idiot is always angry and is always throwing his partners under the bus.

I swear this game better be amazing in the over 90+ meta score region or I will just pass on it. I don't feel comfortable supporting this developer.

babadivad1231d ago

Article never said what he was upset about. What's the deal?

nitus101231d ago

The game "Scalebound" is being developed by Platinum Games which is an independent Japanese game developer.

What makes this interesting is the XB1 is basically a flop in Japan and the question to ask is if "Scalebound" is XB1 only then are they going to provide Japanese voice acting for this game?

Obviously English dubbing is a given since that would be the language of the countries that own most of the XB1's.


I have a feeling you are correct although I suppose we the gamer's will never know the deals that have been done for exclusivity. Of course we can make a pretty good guess.

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Septic1232d ago

LMAO. Yeah this is typical behaviour from Kamiya. He is always outspoken like that but I wonder what he's so pissed off about now.

Ezz20131232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

He might be unhappy that scalebound may have very little role in Gamescom...don't really know.

Sureshot1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Ask your mom.

Edit: google: kamiya ask your mom

Septic1232d ago


LOL! I was wondering wtf you were on about haha. Classic Kamiya

freshslicepizza1232d ago

i will be surprised if they even have gameplay footage to show. this twitter rant will be explained soon enough. who knows, maybe someone hacked his account lol

_-EDMIX-_1232d ago

@-mold- "who knows, maybe someone hacked his account"


Wow bud, soooo your making excuses for a person you clearly don't know? Kamiya rants and hates many, many things.

So I'm not really sure why your defending him and you don't even know he does this to many.


Soooo no, he was not hacked. He states many things like this all the time, he is extremely outspoken. I'm not really sure why you jumped on the classic MS defensive maneuver without really looking up just how this guy is.

I don't think it was hacked and it was just help likely acting up like he always does.

RiseofScorpio1232d ago

God Edmix give it rest today.

jb2271231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Sounds like this lends credence to the statements about Phantom Dust from its developer, where they said that the MS marketing team was independently creating art & even a full trailer that had no reference to the actual game. The marketing team at MS need to be reined in, its inherently wrong to create marketing for something w/o even running it by the games actual creators. Its untelling what exactly they have done in this situation, but I'm betting that maybe he wasn't far enough into development to be comfortable showing off gameplay in realtime but maybe the marketing team has decided to force him into showing something he may not want to, or something that they have prepared independently again w/o his involvement? Either way sure Kamiya has a history of being outspoken, but the group he is speaking out against in this instance also has a history of being shady. Their tactics killed one title already, not outside the realm of possibility to assume they may do the same here for Scalebound.

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christocolus1232d ago

Lol. People shouldn't be surprised. This is typical Kamiya. He has mood swings. He basically called Keinji Inafune a businessman who has no idea how to make games, he bashed sony for having no Backward compatibility in the PS4 and for ripping off smash bros, he insults his fans and has even called out Nintendo for not marketing his games properly. Lol. I love the guy though, He is a great developer and im looking forward to Scalebound,I hope to see him on stage at the MS briefing.

TwoForce1232d ago

Dude, he's always angry at everyone. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft can't make him calm down.

Crimzon1232d ago

To be fair to the guy, he's always right with the things he says. People might not like it if they care too much about the things he's criticizing but at the end of the day I think he says what we all know to be true. I respect how honest and straightforward he is, even if it riles up fanboys.

Besides, the guy is incredibly talented and has more than earned the right to call things as he sees them because of it. He's better than most so-called game designers/producers in the console industry.

UnHoly_One1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

No kidding...

"Better than your life"????

What kind of response is that to a fan asking a legit question?

What an unbelievable jerk. He sounds like a typical internet kid with a bad attitude.

Is he always like this? Why do people put up with it?

I'm looking forward to seeing what this game is all about and everything, but if MS told him to shove it up his @ss I wouldn't be too broken up about it. Sounds like he needs somebody to knock him down a peg.

Reminds me of some of those indie jerks like Blow and Fish.

DarXyde1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

BlowFish is totally ship name material. Let's take it to the patent office!

On topic, Kamiya is simply a volatile fellow. He is quite well known for flying off the handle, but he can be compared to Tomonobu Itagaki: incredible developers who've released some of the best games of their time...but they're not exactly people you want to invite out for a pint.

But that's okay. It's no different from managers, presidents, etc. As long as they do what is asked of them, does it really matter how unlikable they might be?

Imalwaysright1231d ago

"Why do people put up with it?"

RE2, DMC, Bayonetta, Viewtiful Joe, Vanquish and Okami. Simply put he is one of the best devs this industry has seen and I have no doubt that Scalebound will be another great game to add to his stellar curriculum.

UnHoly_One1231d ago

I guess I'm just less tolerant of crappy behavior, no matter the results.

DLConspiracy1231d ago

and a social media manager.

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Ezz20131232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Oh...he sound really pissed.

BlackPanther1232d ago

Wait I'm confused. So clearly the game is at the briefing but why is he mad?

Because he wants there to be more fan interaction? It is playable at the show though. I'm confused, I'm sure it will be fine.

Orbertron1232d ago

You're right he wants to talk to the fans

"If I were to go to Gamescom, I want to go for users, not as a prop of Xbox Briefing."

christocolus1232d ago

He doesn't want to be on stage talking about Scalebound and Xbox but its almost unavoidable. Scalebound is his pet project and having him on stage at the gameplay reveal would be awesome for the game and Platinum too and once he is done,he can meet with fans and sign autographs all day. The game is also far off and I'm sure MS will market the hell out of it.

raWfodog1232d ago

Maybe he has his own ideas on how he wants to present the game but MS is trying to make him follow their script.

DillyDilly1232d ago

Skittles taste the rainbow Kamiya