Need 1TB additional external storage for your Xbox One? - Examiner

If you are looking for an external storage device for your Xbox One, we have a simple, effective option for you today.

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Sureshot1207d ago

A 2T Western digital is probably cheaper than these third party peripherals.

n4rc1207d ago

Huge ripoff..

All benefits of managing data are handled with any HDD.. I paid $90 for a 3tb Seagate (nice sale admittedly)

TheColbertinator1207d ago

90 doubloons? Now that is a bargain

parentsbasement1207d ago

didn't somebody make one that fit right onto the side of the x1 and looked like part of it? I cant seem to find it now...

Pogmathoin1207d ago

And it looks great.... Really recommend it.

TheLastIronMan1207d ago

1TB? I've got a 3TB extension and it's half full.

RobLoPR1207d ago

You should problably look for one thats 7200 rpms... I got two XB1's right next to each other and I got a 7200 rps external HD for one and the other XB1 has the internal HD and loading times for Neverwinter are reduced significaly on the external HD.

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