KOR-FX Review: It's more than a feelin' | PC Gaming Enthusiast

Greg of PC Enthusiast reviews the haptic gaming vest known as the KOR-FX.

He writes:

"I listened and experienced the harrowing calls of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in “Jurassic Park”, felt jets sweep overhead in Dirty Bomb, and even embraced the sound of my own dying heartbeat in Crysis 2."

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crazychris41241213d ago

With better sensors this could be a crazy thing when you pair it with VR tech and a wheel if you're playing a racing game.

LaWiiG1213d ago

The best part was playing racing games, tbh. Yes, I do think better sensors could propel it. The cost isn't as much as I initially thought either.

jer11221212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

I had a horrible experience with this thing. I was excited when i got it. My first vest I got was broke it didn't turn on, then my second one which took over 5 weeks to get after first one was working fine for couple of days, then it stop working as well. It would just keep saying ON ON ON ON ON over and over. Honestly when it did work, I didn't find it to be that great. You have to go through settings every time you play something and spend time set up each game. So worst part by far was customer service. Everything was fine my first vest replacement besides how long it took to ship back to me. Once second one went bad it took over a week to response to my email and then I asked for a refund but they wouldn't do it since it had be 30 days. It was over 30 days because it took 5 weeks to ship replacement back to me lol. I went back and forth with them for weeks. I would just spam forums and twitter warning people about the service and after I got my bank involved they finally refunded me. So about 70 days later after two broken products finally got my money back. Buyer beware check forums a lot of people had broken vests. I would stay away from this but maybe other people like this review had better experience. Vest feels kind of cheap as well. Maybe there next version of the vest will be improved. Also really needs back sensor. Thanks