Planetside 2 Review: A Massively Fun Online FPS Experience - COG

COG Writes: Daybreak Game Company aims high with Planetside 2, and while there are some kinks to work out, its gigantic open world shooting environments will keep you coming back

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generalwinter1249d ago

Wonder when it will come out on Xbox One

SoapShoes1249d ago

Considering how long it took for PS4, a long long time. I really like the game but dang, that took forever!!

HammadTheBeast1249d ago

I was about to say never but realized Daybreak games now owns the studio.

Digital_Anomaly1249d ago

I'm always wary of F2P stuff but I've heard enough good things to consider playing this one.

HammadTheBeast1249d ago

As far as I've seen all the weapons and upgrades can be bought with in-game currency and paid currency, the starter weapons are surprisingly strong, some even the best for their class. It is kind of grindy at first, but once you learn how to get points it's not that bad. It doesn't feel P2W at all, most people just buy customizations.

Pretty solid so far.

Digital_Anomaly1249d ago

Thanks dude! That's always my issue is the P2W feel. I don't mind putting out cash of course but I need to feel value for my spent dollar. Between reviews, your recommendation and comments, I think I'll give it a run!

Aenea1249d ago

@DigitalAnomaly If you want to use tanks a lot, use the in-game Certs you earn on a better canon otherwise you will feel frustrated!

I put mine to other uses and then when I started to use the tanks more I felt underpowered against the opponent tanks who had upgraded theirs. Sure I could've simply created a new character (you can have 9) and then do that, but I was lazy so paid €5 to do it :)

SpitFireAce851249d ago

I have the game on my HDD..I would like to know if its worth the time investment since its
A F2P title and also is it pay to win...? Thanks to anyone that can give some advice :-)

Maxor1249d ago

Don't plan on playing this game without spending a single dime at the start because the cert grind is freaking massive. Treat this as a retail game and be prepared to pay roughly $60 in sub fees. Thats about 4 months worth, by then you can unsub with all certs you can possibly need.

1249d ago