Top 50 Underappreciated Atari ST Games

Den of Geek looks back at the Atari ST games that deserve more love than they got first time around.

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uth111173d ago

I played a lot of ST games, but never heard of many of those!

OldDude1172d ago

I loved my ST, that takes me back. Great system that sat alongside my Amiga 500.

LoveSpuds1172d ago

Amiga was where it was at for me personally but they were both great systems, god I loved those days :)

OldDude1172d ago

I remember being 20 years old and taking out a $1700 loan for my first C64, then came the Amiga 500 (which I also preferred) and my ST. After that I got into PC gaming, but I never had so much fun as with the Amiga, ST and 64.

SaveFerris1172d ago

Ah, the memories! Pompey Pirates and Automation.