Why So Serious? Joker in MK vs DC + Render from Comic Con

Midway just sent the Joker render to IGN.

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MK_Red3495d ago

Joker is in. He looks cool too. Now if only Doomsday was in...

Nevers3495d ago

they kinda have to have Doomsday... Pains me to say this as a Batman kinda guy; but, no one else legitimately can beat Supes.

Tmac3495d ago

Best tag line for the Joker yet, and one of the best acting performances of all time, Heath Ledger acted that part out so flawlessly.

MK_Red3495d ago

Nevers, actually everyone from MK can beat Supes because Man of Steel is weak against magic (Not in older books though) and almost every MK fighter is a magic user.

Tmac, sorry but that is not one of the best acting performances of all time. No.
That is THE best performance of all time, PERIOD!

MK_Red3495d ago

Indeed rest in peace.
He gave us THE ultimate performance and the ultimate villain.

Polluted3495d ago

@Nevers: That's sort of true. Superman is obviously the most powerful hero in the DC universe, but he also has some of the biggest weaknesses. Kryptonite is a huge one and he's pretty weak against magic as well. I think we all saw Batman take him down in Frank Miller's Dark Knight.

Nevers3495d ago

I just didn't have time to get into a debate about it and write an essay about having a special with a Green Arrow cameo shafting Supes with Krypto... Like I said.. I'm a Batman guy. I've been in lots a debates with Super-fans about taking the Supester down.

And yeah ... didn't realize, tho I kinda should have, that the MK chars were magical... so yeah that's a pretty decent shot. Thanks for setting me straight 8]

I just think besides Lex, they really have to get Doomsday in there.

Megatron083495d ago

Lex ? Cant really picture Lex take on anyone if a striaght up fight. I hate the joker pic btw after seeing Dark Knight its just to cartoonie. Heath Ledger made the joke sick and disturbing almost scary. I dont you cant ever go back to him being a clown after you seen him played by Heath Ledger

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MK_Red3495d ago

Yeah, it's indeed cool. Good timing too. Dark Knight movie, Comic Con... Joker RULES!

MK_Red3495d ago

I was hoping to see a new MK villain too :(
(like Reptile, Mileena or Shao Kahn).

Still, beating people with Joker's stick is gonna be FUN!

juuken3495d ago

Looool, will be. Or using the laughing gas. xD;

I also wanna see more villians. Maybe someone like Motaro. o-o

I haven't played Mortal Kombat games since MK4. o_0;

MK_Red3495d ago

Yeah, definitly more villains though more than others, I want to see Mileena, Shao Kahn and Baraka.

As for MK5-7, get the MK Kollection for PS2 and try them for the story. I love MK5 (DA) and MK6 (D) personally but MK7 (A) is HORRIBLE!

juuken3495d ago

I think MK went downhill after 4 for me. The storyline had my head spinning. x-x

TheDeadMetalhead3495d ago

After MK4 everybody starts dying, and dying doesn't mske a good game (exept for GTA of course XD)

MK_Red3495d ago

I actully loved MK5's story more than others and killing Liu Kang was the best move MK team could have done for the game. I may be biased since MKDA is my fave MK game.

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ActionBastard3495d ago

That looks A LOT better than the DC Universe render. I read Jim Lee was redoing the Joker for that game. Let's hope he's seen this. Excellent work. I may mess around and pick this up...

MK_Red3495d ago

God, the Joker in DC Univers Online looked HORRIBLE! Long chin and that disgustingly cartoonish look is unbearable, specially after the Dark Knight version.
At least here, Joker has some of sinister look of the books.

Nitrowolf23495d ago

yes he did look horrible in DC univers online

Baka-akaB3495d ago

That design yes , i dont like lee's Joker . However the graphics and overall other designs of DC universe Online looks far better than MK vs DC (wich is imo quite odd and silly)

Mighty Boom3495d ago

Awesome! The dark night was sick! Go see it if you haven't!

TheDeadMetalhead3495d ago

I mean, Heath Ledger died Q1 2008, right? Yet The Dark Knight wasn't released until last week...

...Were they done shooting the movie THAT early?? =I

MK_Red3495d ago

Actually the main shooting of the movie was done long before Ledger passed away. Most Hollywood films have to race against time before their release but NOT the Dark Knight.
Nolan wanted the perfect film and he took his time and gave us the true Dark Knight.

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