Konami Didn't Even Want Kojima's Name To Be Mentioned In An Interview, That's How Serious They Are

This situation is a complete mess.

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Activemessiah874d ago

People leave companies all the time, sometimes amicably, some so bad they exchange accusations as to who was at fault etc... but this... this is different, I normally don't care much for disputes and trivial bravado but I must say, I'm intrigued as to what the hell happened... we will know someday for sure.

Bennibop873d ago

I get the feeling that Konami did not like that Kojima become bigger than them.

zeal0us873d ago

That or CEO is trying to make an example out of Kojima/put him in his place.

LostDjinn873d ago

What they're doing now is trying to stiffle debate because they don't want people exposed to a truth they can't counter.

Sort of like some commentors on this site when they spout BS.

rainslacker873d ago

I think no matter the circumstance, Konami would have a hard time coming out ahead in the discussion. Even if it was all Kojima who did everything wrong to cause the turmoil, people would still defend him.

Granted, Konami has gone out of their way to look like complete a**holes in this situation, so I feel that it was probably a mutual departure where they both disliked the other.

fermcr873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

Honestly ... I think this is one big troll event by Kojima and Konami.

loganbdh873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

I believe you just because he was promoting/supporting the game during E3...he was too animated during E3 if you ask me.

OhMyGandhi873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

Kojimas name not being on the box sort of mitigates that notion.

One_Eyed_Wizard873d ago

It could be but I still think they'd have come out by now. It's generating a lot of publicity and while there is technically "no such thing as bad publicity," I still think it's not healthy at all. A lot of people have canceled their preorders and it's also hurting Konami's reputation and even if it's "just a joke", it'd take a while to rebuild.

So yeah. I think they'd have come out with the truth by now. But who knows. We'll see.

remixx116873d ago

Konami can try all they want but you can't just erase the guy that made you.......his name itself became bigger than the whole of your company.

Mulletino873d ago

Maybe it's about to come out that Kojima is a rapist or pedophile or something? I hadn't thought of that till just now. Hope not. Hopefully it's a marketing scheme :)

Doodleburger873d ago

Given the direction his games have taken, I wouldn't be surprised. There's something very off with him, and his mental state seems to be one that should be monitored if it isn't already. Most leaders of cults that claim themselves gods are the one that are raping children.

3-4-5873d ago

* My guess:

* Whoever is in charge at Konami has issues about image and is arrogant.

Somebody at the top is taking time out of their life, to make being involved with this game a living hell, just to spite Kojima and his image.

* The Japanese do not normally do this in their culture so for it to get to this level is = to it being about 2-3x worse here in American business.

* They are really respectful and give anybody, even somebody who messed up, time to save face and not be embarrassed so as to maintain dignity.

Konami is literally going out of there way to soil is reputation, and doing it the way they are is as bad as I've seen it in Japanese Video game culture.

* Some big shot at the top is "that guy", who is going to do whatever he wants, at the expense of everyone else....just so they can get their way.

Like a child running a company.

Kojima must have said some pretty awful things or maybe there was an almost fight behind closed doors or something.

big_boss_1887872d ago

I feel it's something as simple as good business. Konami wants the most profit quickly, Kojima loves his games and fans. Konami knows mgs is a great product, but somehow they got the idea that either A: they can do it cheaper and fast without Kojima. Or B: Kojima wanted more resources for the game to update/work on for years to come. Or C: Konami is just done with big video games. I get the feeling that they will only make app based games with micro transactions cuz as far as $ goes right now those crappy games r making grip off crappy people

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robtion873d ago

Seems very petty.

I would say grow up but I guess they do work in the video game industry.

deadpoolio316873d ago

OR ya know Angry Chode could figure out that they are there to promote MGSV not talk about Kojima, so rather than deal with idiots asking about Kojima in interviews all day long they just tell the press NO you cannot ask about Kojima at all

robtion873d ago

Yeah, I mean the whole debacle, not just this interview.

TwoForce873d ago

Well damn ! That's not good at all.

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kingdomtriggers873d ago

Ok this is just embarrassing. Freaking Konami.

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