Buddy System: Ubisoft's Patrick Redding on Procedural Narration in Far Cry 2

Gamecyte writes: "When we got our hands on a playable build of Far Cry 2 at E3 2008, we were immediately impressed by the game's immersive atmosphere. Not just graphics; things like the near-complete lack of HUD, the intense weapon recoil, the believable damage to persons and structures and the pull-that-bullet-out-of-your-big-toe health regeneration system had us playing more conservatively than we might otherwise. But over the course of our short demo, lead level designer Jonathan Morin told us about one more - the game's so-called "buddy system."

At first, we didn't quite understand what Morin was going on about. Buddies were NPCs you could befriend (eh); buddies would give you your mission objectives (yawn); and buddies would - spectacularly - save your rear from rather extensive perforation by dragging it to nearby cover (hmmm). But when Morin told us that these buddies would also feature into the game's plot, we perked up our ears."

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