If These Truly are the Final Days of the Wii U, Let It Go with a Bang

After a somewhat disappointing E3 showing, Nintendo's Wii U might be heading for the scrapheap. But it's not about to go out quietly.

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masterfox1270d ago

Bang ? more like a burning matches :D

Yi-Long1270d ago

"After a somewhat disappointing E3 showing..."

...well, that must be the understatement of the day...

gameboy11270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

What is all this talk look they will polish Starfox up and DevilsThird will be outstanding much better then COD and Splatoon and Mariokart8 are already being played more then most games out there,WiiU also has MarioMaker and Fast Racing Neo 2 more crazy Online games so 6 competitive online games this year as long as they add 1vs1 dog fights to Starfox otherwise 5 amazing Online games WiiU is not dead in fact Next year WiiU will have it's best year yet with Zelda ect....

Maybe next year 3rd partys might jump on board who know's i mean if Ubi want to work on NX ect and lots of other 3rd partys they better start supporting wiiu i think or Nintendo will just start securing tons of exclusives and in turn 3rd partys will end up needing Nintendo you watch because i believe Nintendo will get the wallet out for exclusive games on NX to directly compete with Sony/Microsoft this time around.

Blues Cowboy1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I think you're deluding yourself RE Devil's Third. Nintendo would have shown it if they had any confidence in it, and following the development hell, I can't say I do either.

That said, I do think they've got plenty of great games out and coming. Just now Yoshi's Woolly World looks awesome, Mario Maker looks great and Star Fox... mmmmmm... Platinum Games... yesss... okay, now I'm deluding myself.

1270d ago
Revengeance1270d ago

At 10 million units sold in 2 and a half years, the console is DEAD! Stop deluding yourself into thinking otherwise.

If Mario Kart 8, Smash Wii U and 3D World couldn't make it sell what makes you think any other games will?

_-EDMIX-_1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Agreed. At this point....I will be shocked if it even sells past the Gamecube. The difference from Wii to Wii LARGER then The first XB to 360.

It means....Nintendo failed MORE then MS succeeded last gen.


I think this might be their last console. They might as well focus on making handhelds exclusively and bring all their teams on handheld as most of them clearly are based on how E3 went.

Hoffmann1270d ago

How will Nintendo ever attract third party publishers again?

Sorry, but I doubt that their next hardware will bring a lot of change. It will be the same game series again, a few third party games for 1 year and if those won't sell a lot, it will be the same situation as on the Wii U again.

Some nice games, but all from Nintendo. The people that buy hardware for many games by different publishers will again stick to the competition.

Nintendo lost the battle, lives in the past and it is getting more and more obvious with every new year since 2006.

Baka-akaB1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

If they comply with current and future demands of pc architecture from devs , even if weaker than current or future MS and Sony console , it would actually help normalize relationships with 3rd parties .

As it is no one is going to develop a special extra Wii U version , of their multiplatform games . At least not anymore

Yi-Long1270d ago

I don't think they really understand why they're not connecting with the vast majority of gaming-consumers any more, so they're bound to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Sadly

Nobody will deny Nintendo makes AMAZING games. The problem is in other areas, like the hardware (not up-to-date, often gimmick-based, and not as 'open' as it should be, both when it comes to development (programming), as well as for the consumers (region-locked), plus their online-experience just can't compare to Xbox Live and PSN.

They want so much too be different than the others, but they should realize that they should be different when it comes to creative output (great original colourful games), not hardware-restrictions and gimmick-ware.

I'm not saying they shouldn't have a tablet-controller. I'm saying that shouldn't be their main focus-point for selling their new console, nor should it be exclusively bundled with the console, but sold seperately, as an OPTION.

They blame the failure of the WiiU on the rise of better and more powerful tablets, but that's NOT why people buy a Nintendo console: They don't buy it for the tablet, they buy it for the GAMES.

In fact, they might actually decide NOT to buy the console BECAUSE of that tablet.

They create their own negatives, while their core-business is GAMES, and that is what they're great at. So it's disappointing for everyone when they make poor decisions like this, nor learn from them.

kraenk121270d ago

I actually believe Nintendo is on their way to be a game publisher and Software producer...and they should. Like Sega. Their hardware just isn't competitive anymore.

freshslicepizza1270d ago

the only way it will happen is if they strike gold like they did with the wii. something that is compelling enough to get consumers interested. this is why it is in nintendo's best interest to be different. the wii u's unique features did not do that but i expect the next nintendo console to try something new. i imagine they will launch with a huge game like mario that will get a lot of people interested. that's all nintendo can do is lead by example and keep making good games and hope consumers come back. once they do then third party will come back but for now it will be all on nintendo to drive the system for at least a year.

Chaosdreams1270d ago

At this point Nintendo strives to be different. So what they do is either a hit or miss. There's little point in trying to go toe to toe with Sony and Microsoft with the same strategy when it's wiser to bring something new to the table. That being said, there's bringing something new, and just being arrogant and slow.

If they can have a consistent stream of third party support, make sure their own Ip's are delivered in a polished way, and don't do stupid shit.

Then I have faith.

Summons751270d ago

Xbcx, Fatal Frame 5, devil's third, smt X fe, star fox, Zelda u, the rumored metroid u and animal crossing...looks like its going out with a loud bang!

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