Until Dawn - Choice-Driven Horror Gets Weird And Campy, In A Good Way | Game Informer

Going for that b-movie flavor is tricky business. Too often, movie directors will overshoot the mark and end up making something too stupid to be fun or something so painfully trying to self aware that it's embarrassing. The horror genre is filled with examples of failed attempts, and examples of campy horror done right are even rarer in video games. That's why I was so surprised when I finally got a chance to play Supermassive Games' Until Dawn at E3 2015. I went into my hands-on demo with low expectations and decades of horror game/film fandom, but walked away amused and intrigued.

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Palitera1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

Funny that some call it b-movie inspired, some call it cheesy teenager flick-like.

I say: Thanks for the variety, Sony. Really thanks a lot for all the different games. *throws money*

zsquaresoff1036d ago

Could not have said that any better.

This is far cry from all the recent... "stuck in haunted house with only a flash light for a weapon" horror games.

It's the variety of games that makes me keep buying a playstation.

Letthewookiewin1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Seriously I don't understand how Xpeople can deny themselves the amazing library the PS4 has now and is going to get still this year. Hope Until Dawn reviews well with people, (isn't glitchy and above all else a good time to play).

saimcheeda1036d ago

I'm really excited for this one!

EvilWay1036d ago

I have a honest question.

How can this be considered a "horror game" when it's all cinematic with button prompts, with very limited movement? I feel like it will have he same effect as a scary movie.

I enjoyed Heavy Rain but I bought it with the DLC for $15, which is all this type of game should be worth

rezzah1036d ago

Thanks for your opinion, I'm glad it isn't universal.

These kind of games are wonderful and are for those who enjoy story driven games.

Chances are it will have a similar effect as a horror movie because its style of gameplay resembles that of a movie. However that doesn't change the fact that its content consist of things that are considered horror.

joel011036d ago

@Evilway ..we are going to enjoy it as a "game" just like we did with Telltale games. If you break it down like that Gears is something with three buttons to cover , run and shoot mindlessly.

OB1Biker1036d ago

Im surprised to see so many good previews I thought the media would smell blood because its an exclusive.
Cant wait for this game.