Vita has sold well in Spain, PlayStation Spain CEO wants support to continue

Turns out Sony's handheld has life outside of Asia, though PlayStation Spain's CEO admits they've done more harm than good to it.

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I-Hate-usernames1275d ago

I think i will get a vita soon to play persona 4. I would love if it gets support from sony's studios and other companies studios.

MegaRay1275d ago

Why telling us? Go tell SCEE and SCEA to continue (or start) supporting Vita.

donwel1275d ago

I think "restart" would be a more appropriate word.

BlackIceJoe1275d ago

Here is a cool idea, Sony should let Playstation Spain make PSVita games. I could see some great new IPs coming from this.

kas7771275d ago

It's sad that they gave up on it so quickly. At least Nintendo stuck with their product when it wasn't doing so well and look how it turned out now. If Sony would just lower the prices of the memory cards add more popular apps and port some of the games from Japan. I could see it doing well in the west. Let some first party studios be crowd funded to bring some new an exclusive games to the Vita.

Hold_It1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Sadly Nintendo is already pulling the rug from under the Wii U owners now. You have Starfox, Yoshi's Wooly World, and a speedrun Mario game. No Metroid, Zelda U confirmed to be a NX game now, and an NX unveiling @ E3 2016. I feel bad for anyone who bought the Wii U and expected it to last longer. I know I sure do.

The Vita needs a huge reduction in memory card prices because that's what is killing the system in the US. People don't want to play a quarter of a new console to be able to fit a lot of games on their memory cards and I can't blame them. As an owner of a Vita, I only buy memory cards when they are deeply discounted and only have 1 16GB and an 8GB stick, and they get filled quickly.

It's bad when the only "support" sony has given the vita lately is updates for anti-piracy, and not REAL support.

I-Hate-usernames1275d ago

Its more sad i bought wii u recently to play nintendo first party games and i got NX announcement. Just WTF

donwel1275d ago

E3 in a nutshell:
Sony: Wait, we have a handheld?
Nintendo: Wait, we have a console?

kas7771274d ago

I agree with everything you said. I feel the only reason Nintendo is making a new console is because they want to be taken seriously this time around with 3rd party developers. I have a gut feeling the NX will be more powerful then the PS4. I also feel the reason why they want Zelda for NX is so they can have a great launch system seller. I'm not disappointed about that because I feel it will give the developers less limitations and push the series to new heights. Keep in mind Sony is doing the same with The Last Guardian. Although I feel visually it doesn't look as appealing as the new Zelda. Honestly I thought it looked like a remastered PS2 game. Although visuals don't make a great game for me I felt they could have done a better job with the amount of time they are taking to make this game. I brought two Vitas at launch one for me and the wife. She was excited for LBPV and I was for UCGA things looked so promising for the Vita then. I also have an 8GB and a 16GB like you. I refuse to be ripped off by those overly priced memory cards. I will wait for a good sale. I think the only way we'll ever see first party support is if we petition for it and possibly crowd fund the games we want made.

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