E3 2015: Zooming In on Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water footage

Opprainfall: Nintendo’s Treehouse Live @ E3 stream has saved some of the best for last. Today, the stream showed off Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. The latest installment of Nintendo and Koei Tecmo’s cult survival horror franchise had a trailer uploaded on Nintendo’s YouTube channel and a link on their E3 site, but little else. Now, we finally get some English footage of this creepy game. Here is what we noticed from the footage.

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Sly-Lupin1270d ago

I can't help but think Nintendo would have had a gentler response to its E3 if they'd talked more about Fatal Frame, Rodea, Bravely Second, etc.

Or Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3, Hatsune Miku, Mighty No. 9, LEgend of Legacy, Senran Kagura, etc., etc.

They have a TON of games coming out before the end of the year, but you wouldn't know it given how reticent they were about third-party titles in that Direct.

donwel1270d ago

Maybe not Miku or Kagura, the stink that the "progressive" websites would have kicked up over those would have been astronomical if more attention would have been paid to them.
Then again maybe they should have given them more attention, if only to rustle some jimmies and give us all a laugh.

Sly-Lupin1270d ago

I dunno. I don't really see much from these "progressive websites" at all, about anything. I do see a ton of stuff w/ people complaining about it.

I think most people understand that games aren't... you know, SERIOUS BUSINESS.

donwel1270d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself mate.
Kotaku and Polygon are the main offenders but naturally most people just ignore them.
I don't understand why these people can't just have fun, games are for entertainment. I guess it's just me getting old :)