Kerbal Space Program Preparing to Launch on PS4

Posted by Miguel Pina on Jun 17, 2015 // Producer, Squad:

Almost five years ago, we began the development of our very first title — a space program simulator that would showcase the reality of the physics of space exploration. However, we realized that the game’s tone would be heavily affected if the player were to have every mistake be followed by the death of a digital human being. Therefore, we needed pilots who would help us somehow change the tone of space exploration.

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phantomexe1275d ago

Nice this game is so fun you will get lost in it for 400 plus hours. Amazing game

Neonridr1275d ago

such a cool game if you take the time to get into it. I have been playing with it on PC since it was an early access title. The things you can do now with it versus back then is simply amazing.

mushroomwig1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Really interested to see how it'll translate to the DS4 Controller, the devs said it works really well so I'm looking forward to seeing it in action.

Zombiesfeelpain1275d ago

I have no idea how this will work with a controller, but I am ready to plummet more kerbals to their deaths. :D

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