210° More Games Support Trophy System

According to there is a list on wikipedia that shows more games using trophy support. The List also shows games that will be releasing a patch to support the feature.

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THC CELL3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

2 punk ass games

ape0073772d ago

I wish that sony don't slip any game without trophies

achievments,trophies make the game a bit more satisfying

proArchy3772d ago

I think he meant "Trophies should be mandatory", and I would agree. Its not unthinkable that Sony is working on putting this into their licensing contract.

Milky3771d ago

Trophies are failing bad, Sony NEEDS to make them mandatory. Its useless if they cant be used.

grantps33772d ago

i have seen the full list and it only says yes if they are already confirmed. if they arent FOR SURE right now it still says no

Nitrowolf23772d ago

idk but i dont really trust wiki that much
cant you go in there and edit things your self?

grantps33772d ago

they only say yes if the company said for sure that they will have them, but if they havent asked them or they werent sure it says no

skynidas3772d ago

Yeah, like for example---It says no for God of War 3, and obviously that game will have the only games listed are the ones that have confirmed trophy support

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The story is too old to be commented.