Dragon Quest XI on PlayStation 4 false report causes Square Enix stock price to leap

Digitally Downloaded writes: "No doubt it was an honest mistake of the reporter, but herein lies a very good reason to verify rumours or a single report of a story against other reports. On the plus side if Square Enix is ever facing a situation where its stock is flagging, it knows what it can do to have it boosted back up again."

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VenomUK1293d ago

IF the report is correct, that Square Enix's stock level went to its highest point this year, then it just demonstrates the demand and possible profits they could make by bringing it to a home console. Maybe Capcom should take notes, I'd love to see a new Monster Hunter on PS4!

Jivesh1293d ago

Monster Hunter on PS4...YES!

bouzebbal1293d ago

SE should take notes of this.. the demand is massive! but those morons prefer to release DQVIII on 3DS

Magicite1293d ago

Pretty much any big game's exclusive version on PS4 is a success.

3-4-51293d ago

* Right now I'd say that combined between US, Europe & Japan, the demand for Dragon Quest is at least as high as the demand for Final Fantasy.

How does the person in charge at SE not see this ?

HmongAmerican1293d ago

Apparently, they don't want easy money.

rainslacker1293d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

I doubt the report of a rumor of a game is enough to make a stock leap so high. I mean it's possible, but usually stocks surge after verifiable reports are made, or the companies release a statement of fact.

It's been on an upward trend since SE announced they would be moving more away from the console market a couple weeks ago, so it seems doubly odd that it would spike because of a rumor for a game for a console.

I couldn't find anything that happened from SE that would explain a surge though.

That being said, a stock surge doesn't demonstrate a demand for a game, just that investors are confident that the game will make money. SE would already have their own assessment of if the game would make money. Not saying there wouldn't be demand for it, but the stock market isn't the place to look for such things.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1293d ago

I've only played DQ8 but it is one of the best rpg's I've ever played. If they bring a remake of 9 to ps4 I'd be excited.

Shinuz1293d ago

I'd have to disagree with you on that one, I though DQIX was the weakest in the series.

WizzroSupreme1293d ago

Maybe they'll finally take heed with a very real financial incentive for treating Dragon Quest with the respect it deserves now...or not. You know, Square Enix and all.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1293d ago

There you go Square. You know where your biggest fan base has always been. This should be a wake up call for them.

Tetsdah1293d ago

Hell yea it should be. I knew DQ was popular in japan, but damn I didn't know it was that popular. This would move crazy amounts of Units for Sony as well as boost the hell out DQ sales. Sony/SE, make it happen!