Will FIFA 16 be another trading fiasco?

Playing in division 7 i find myself merting opponents with teams worth 3-5 millions. it is hard to find teams without Aguero, Suarez, Neymar, Bale, Messi…

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Angainor71293d ago

I really don't understand the hating towards EA's FIFA..

iistuii1293d ago

Me too, I get it each year, never buy packs as I'm not impatient, I play games trade & earn my coins by playing games & enjoy it. They think It's cool to hate big game sellers like FIFA & COD.

yezz1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

It's a mess.. that's why. I love to play pro clubs with my friends but it's mostly because of my friends and not the game. There are plenty of things broken. The "all new goalkeepers" that they introduced last year are pretty much worse than ever.. they ruin too many matches.

Playing against CPU is pointless because of it's unnatural play styles. If you play a lot online, you see plenty of server problems etc.

I buy the game every year because I love football and I can have fun playing it but FIFA is far from great at the moment.

Fut16coin1292d ago

i am not mean to hate EA's FIFA , But it really can be better.Don't u think so?

MGSmarioPRO1293d ago

If you guys can't play against people with OP cards just quit Ultimate Team. They even let you play on offline tournaments so you can win easily make your team right from the start so I can't understand the complaining.

Since UT got out i always play on first division with 0 relegations and i never got those amazing players, i just do the best team of my national team (Portugal always without Cristiano Ronaldo) or best players of my country. If you can get 100 chemistry and ofc an average of at least 77/78 you can play against any team that appears, i just can't talk about those legends guys that seem completely out of hand but it's on xbox so I can't speak. So many times people appear with Bayern full in form teams or Barcelona or just millions of millions and 20 minutes after they already quitted the game. That's why 1 division is great, you can see those teams but at least people sometimes play something. So please, people that complain about that are just bad players, sorry.
Go to seasons and have fun, there are plenty of game modes.

Fut16coin1292d ago

That's just my feeling about my FIFA experience,maybe i am a bad player :),whatever i may try some other modes later.

Fut16coin1292d ago

I will try, btw i am FIFA loyal fans ,Just want the game to be better.