PS3 Fanboy Hands-on: Dark Void

PS3 Fanboy: Disclaimer: This preview is based on the Xbox 360 version of the game. Developers have told us the PS3 version will be identical to the Xbox 360 version.

In a room that featured Resident Evil 5, Mega Man 9 and Street Fighter IV, how is that Dark Void managed to become Capcom's greatest game at E3? Perhaps no other game at Capcom's already-stellar booth quite captures the intensity of combat quite like Dark Void. It's Gears of War meets Rogue Squadron meets a jetpack. It's the kind of game that makes PR catchphrases like "skyjacking" seem appropriate. It's not one single element that makes Dark Void so much fun. Rather, the game's ability to make all of the game's varied features feel so thorough and complete that makes the experience of playing Dark Void more than a simple meshing of its inspirations.

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