Facebook comments hint at NFS Underground reveal

A new Need for Speed game will be fully revealed tomorrow, and the latest clues strongly suggest that it will be a new NFS Underground game.

On Need for Speed’s official Facebook page an image was posted today, teasing at tomorrow’s reveal. However, it’s what happened in the comments that has really caught the eye.

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Cra2yey31186d ago

Man I hope it's underground without the police...

Farsendor11185d ago

sorry I have to disagree.

with so many racers out there i'm happy need for speed sets itself apart from other racers by including cops.

Retroman1185d ago

Without cops,nitro . NFS would be no difference than DC, Project cars, Forza , GT basic racing from one end to other bam finishline. i personally enjoy the Thrill escaping from cops and the Thrill crashing into them many as i can, and still finish1st as i do in Hotpursuit 2.
if Underground 3 same count me in.