Uncharted dev has 'difficulty fathoming' that PS4 will see the same graphical leap as last gen

Ricky Cambier: "I have difficulty fathoming that we’ll have that kind of graphical leap in the next several years. The reality is, we probably will as we learn the systems better, so it’s all up from here, and that’s exciting.”

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THC CELL1259d ago

I really don't want a gfx leap, I liked the Ai leap in the last of us and uncharted showed Ai working together :-)

LordMaim1259d ago

The full quote:

"I have difficulty fathoming that we’ll have that kind of graphical leap in the next several years. The reality is, we probably will as we learn the systems better, so it’s all up from here, and that’s exciting."

So there according to Cambier there probably *will* be a leap in the graphics, its just hard to wrap your brain around considering how good Uncharted 4 looks now. :)

MysticStrummer1259d ago

Yeah that's what he said. It's amazing how many people who commented here didn't read the article, including some who claim to have read it but obviously didn't.

This generation will be just like every other. At the end we'll compare those games to the first ones and marvel at the difference. Even the Atari 2600 was like that. Activision used to be such a creative force back then…

stuna11259d ago

Spot on! He's basically saying that the possibility is there to see it happen again except it will be happening on the PS4 instead of the PS3.

Personally I think it's a given considering what they accomplished on the PS3, less memory, less bandwidth, weaker CPU/GPU. But yet were able to make masterpiece's (Uncharted 1,2,3/The Last of Us). Even then we were seeing the graphical leaps within the same generation, but even more spectacular on the same console!

What I think he's trying to say is... he can't believe we are about to see the same scenario play itself out this generation on the PS4.

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Mr_GoolyPunch1258d ago

The title is a touch misleading - however it was a nice end result. We're going to see some amazing things in the coming years!

mikeslemonade1258d ago

The leap will always be smaller as we approach the limit. All AAA games look relatively good and realistic these days.

The leap been smaller ever since the PS1.

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Gamer7771259d ago

The Last of Us and Uncharted series had rather weak AI in my opinion. Uncharted 4 seems to have a improved AI over prior games. Killzone 2/3 , Halo and Gears had superior enemy AI to The Last of US and Uncharted .

methegreatone1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Played Halo Combat Evolved on PC. Yes, the first Halo game.

My word, the AI was incredible. Friendly or enemy. They were freaking amazing.

Believe it or not, friendly allies actually did damage to enemies, and regularly shot them.

Not like the shitty modern military fps games over the last few years, where devs either make them hit for .0001% hp, or make them hit only .0001% of the time.

leogets1259d ago

All i can say is u must of played tlou in easy mode mate.

Gamer7771259d ago

@leogets No; I beat the game on normal. The human AI was nothing special.

PhucSeeker1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

I wouldn't count on it too much. TLOU demo back in 2011 was incredible. But the AI in the final ver sucks ass compared to the demo's (Even on Grounded mode).

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HaveAsandwich1259d ago

if the last of us ai was as awesome as the original e3 showing, i would have said there was a major leap. they dumbed it down for the actual game release, and made it average at best.

higgins781259d ago

I sincerely hope this is a joke. A.I leap in TLOU and Uncharted...erm, NO. The A.I in TLOU was shocking, as for Uncharted, bog standard. Personally, I love how PS4/XB1 owners keep changing the goal posts. First it was about resolution, then when that didn't improve enough for it to be noticeable in the average household, then performance, we all know what happened here, now A.I. Face it, your uber powered 'next gen' consoles (of which I own a PS4) are merely extensions of previous incarnations and NOT everything you had hoped and wished for - thus far.

Pennywise1381259d ago

Pretty dead on as bummed out as that makes me.

Spotie1259d ago

Your whole comment is a joke. The AI in TLOU is actually pretty good. Which Nintendo game- since we all know that's your preference- would you point to that exhibits better?

First, it was about power, since we knew the specs of the consoles before we saw any games running on them. And yes, we know what happened there: the PS4 has an undeniable advantage.

THAT became a graphics debate, and it's not as close as you want to think. Consistent advantages over the competition in resolution, framerate, and graphical features are at least as noticeable as the blades of grass that were a big deal last gen. And that's only a debate when talking about the XB1 and PS4; the Wii U isn't even in the equation, as it gets virtually none of the same games.

Now there's one article and a handful of comments about AI, and you think the goalposts have shifted... except that doesn't even make sense to begin with. That whole phrase is in reference to competition. The comment you're responding to is hoping for improvement in the AI area; how the hell is that shifting the goalposts?

I see a lot of people claiming they have certain consoles, and yet all they do is disparage every bit of information about them. That makes everyone- rightfully- question the veracity of "I own all consoles." In other words: nobody believes you, and nor should they.

That goes double for this uninformed comment of yours.

pwnsmith1259d ago

You're a blind fanboy if you think the AI in The Last of Us was special. I loved the game, in fact I think it's one of the best of the last generation, but it's AI is simple-minded trash. You want good A.I.? Play F.E.A.R. or Halo.

Take a look at this video if you an overview of everything wrong with the game's AI.

Pennywise1381259d ago

As much as people don't want to admit it, and I'll be happy to eat my words if we start seeing things in the next year, but so far ps4 is really PS3.5 and Xb1 is really Xbox 540. Slightly higher resolution and a sometimes higher frame rate does not make what I consider to be a next gen machine. How many games can anyone truly say are new gen only that could never be done on last gen hardware? Why do you think we are seeing so many cross gen games almost 2 years after the fact. The amount of new gen only gen games are a tiny amount and even the majority of those could have been done with only the slightest of downgrades on last gen systems. I have yet to have my mind blown like I have in so many previous generations of gaming. And believe me saying this doesn't make me happy. I was pumped for a new gen. It just hasn't fully blossomed yet and I'm hoping it at some point will.

UltraNova1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )


Look I will be honest here, I'm not impressed with next gen's specs either but after playing Killzone SF, Infamous SS, Driveclub and The Order which btw all four blow all other games in their respective genres out of the water, graphically, all while acknowledging the fact that their all 1st gen games on the ps4 I seriously have to ask you what more do you want?

(sorry XB1 fans but nothing impressed me so far on the xbox, graphics-wise at least but I'm sure Halo 5 and Quantum Break will change that)

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PhucSeeker1258d ago

Agree ! Lots of games have realistic graphics but only a few have the realistic Ai that matched the graphics.

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Ank6661259d ago

Totally misleading/deceptive/misrepres enting headline for what he was actually trying to say

xHeavYx1259d ago

Gotta get those clicks, right?

freshslicepizza1259d ago

true, the context was it will be hard to believe because some games are already very impressive visually but thinks it will happen.

i would rather they focus on good gameplay and stable frame rates rather than constantly pushing the hardware to its limits for fancy graphics. but graphics sell better than smooth gameplay.

higgins781259d ago

WiiU proves that. Great games, look good and perform brilliantly without compromising one another, but a sales disappointment. PS4/XB1 games on the other hand - not including remasters, reboots, etc, etc. Uninspired, inconsistent frame rates, but (on the surface) high resolutions...big sellers!

medman1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

I agree the headline is misleading, but I don't disagree with the sentiment behind the headline. I don't believe we will see the same graphical leap we saw last gen simply because of the pc architecture chosen this gen by both Sony and Microsoft...there was much more to learn about the cell and how to extract it's power efficiently over the course of last generation than there will be to learn about how these current machines can be freed up to achieve more.

Personally, I'm far more interested in the consoles achieving a relatively stable 60fps for most new games(I really hope this is possible as devs learn more about the machines this gen) than graphical enhancements, and I would also be more interested in seeing new ways to play, be that VR or a game like No Man's Sky where there is no loading (at least I believe no loading is their goal), than to see slightly prettier graphics over the course of this generation.

SilentNegotiator1259d ago

I thought I remembered PSU being cool, but they seem to be releasing a lot of clickbait lately.

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Picnic1259d ago

The big leap seemed to be Uncharted to Uncharted 2.

There's no Cell this time. So you get slick, (slightly soulless?) PC-like graphics. Also the capabilities of the PS4 mean that you can probably fool the eye in to thinking that you're seeing something more dynamic than it really is, hence all the smudgy rocks on Uncharted 4 videos.

If anyone can get the best out of the PS4 it's Naughty Dog. But, to me, the PS3 was as exciting as when the N64 or Dreamcast first came out. Naughty Dog was trying out all sorts with exotic tech. The PS4 is a refinement whereas the PS3 was really a revolution- in motion capture in games, in graphical techniques.

GameDev11259d ago

but Uncharted to Last of Us was an even bigger leap, AI wise and graphics wise, I can clearly see why they didnt want Last od Us to just stay on the PS3

stuna11259d ago

Just imagine if the Last of Us had actually been built with the PS4 in mind! I think once developers start focusing strictly on this gens consoles and the generation has matured a little more, we will start seeing impressive leaps not only in graphics, but gameplay and AI as well. The plus in all of that is I don't think it will be solely reserved to 1st party exclusives. With a little work all developers will be able to achieve great games! Specifically 2nd, 3rd party and Independent developers.

Picnic1254d ago

Well the first Uncharted to The Last Of Us would of course been a greater leap.

But the leap from Uncharted 2 or Uncharted 3 to The Last of Us was not quite as big as that from Uncharted Drake's Fortune to Uncharted 2 in mine, and I think Naughty Dog's own, opinion.

SaveFerris1259d ago

I'm sure Naughty Dog will impress us once the game is released.

Lord-Nicon1259d ago

Putting the patch before the wound?...

wegetsignalx1254d ago

No, you're misreading a clickbait headline.