Wizard Plays- Total War: ATTILA "Hun-ny Hun-ny"

You know, for a game named Total War: ATTILA, Attila and his mates don’t show up a lot. If you’re like me, dashing, clever, suave, handsome, surprisingly agile, and lonely as fuck, you may have picked up this game in hopes of playing as a historical badass. We assumed that we would play as Attila, we even started coming up with jokes about it, and we would sow discord and chaos throughout the land, raiding and pillaging until we single-handedly brought down empires. Instead you play as medieval Goths, Visigoths to be exact, something like but not quite Romans. Our fears began in the opening cinematic, when the narrator starts talking about the Roman empire and the senate and shit and we were was left wondering if we, *ahem, if Shibdib had bought us the wrong game. Hi, my name is Wizard, yes really, and this is my opinion on Total War: ATTILA, if you didn't quite get that from the opening paragraph.

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