Square Enix: FF XIII Going Multi Is Turning Point

Many in the industry have viewed the announcement that Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII will go multi-platform - appearing on the Xbox 360 as well as the PlayStation 3 in the West - as a crucial apex in the game hardware wars.

It was Sony's last presumed big third-party published exclusive for PlayStation 3, and the day and date Xbox 360 release in North America and Europe has dealt the PlayStation 3 platform a major blow in terms of Sony-only titles.

Therefore, Gamasutra asked Square Enix senior vice president of sales and marketing Shinji Hashimoto whether he felt that the announcement was, of sorts, a turning point for the game industry.

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Hydrolex3774d ago

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3773d ago

People WANT a PS3(Sales are going up and up)
(+99% of PS2 owners will buy the PS3 when the price is lower to)

People DON'T want a xBox 360 no more(Sales are going down and down)
(It's had it's day)

This don't change nothing!!!

@Hydrolex ;) Bigger B00B's...i'm in!!!;-D PS3 Version for me!!!;-P

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juuken3773d ago

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PooPooPlatter3774d ago


The 360's major news is Microsoft throwing giant wads of cash at Square to get a six month to year delayed port of one game for their console that won't arrive for two years at the earliest.

sunnygrg3773d ago

However, will it be worth the effort? For SE, I dont think it will be much profitable. Many FF fans eagerly waiting to buy FFXIII would have either bought a PS3 or already have owned one. Now, since 360 is also getting it, PS3 wont be getting as big a bump in sales as expected (but there still will be an impact). However, the software sales will probably be evenly distributed among the platforms (3:2, anyone?) and will not be any greater than it should be.

The only question now would be "Who can attract more of the Wii casual gamers?"

mesh13773d ago

nah tbh i think its sqaure enix lickign their wounds as as we heard the company was loosing tons of cash so they had to rethink their p[ostion and give ms a call as their investor were pressuring them so in the end ms pain 0 for final fantasy .

vitz33773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

If FF13 is still one to two years off, there are still a ****ton of PS3 exclusives coming out between now and it's release.

I truly believe LittleBigPlanet will be a MAJOR system seller. Not to mention many other exclusive games that will be released.

I can see the PS3's sales flying by the 360's numbers easily before FF13 even launches in Japan.

So I don't see why this is such a huge bonus for 360. If this game was coming out soon then yes it would have been, but as far as I'm concerned, it's too late.

It's a last ditch effort on MS's part to try and stave off the torrent of kick ass games coming out for the PS3.

MS has... Fable 2... uhh... Gears?... oh wait both will Hit PC too... So uuhh...

StayHigh3773d ago

Microsoft will continue to throw money around to third parties developers..Money can be anything even love...

mikeslemonade3773d ago

Microsoft's big annoucement was a multiplatform game where as Sony annouces two brand new exclusives coming in 2009. Yep I see a turning point in Sony's favor.

sumfood4u3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Square started out on Nintendo! than moved to Sony when PS2 hit it was Sony & little later XBOX got a taste of Final Fantasy online! Square/Enix is making a smart move removing Fanboys an bringing in Gammers as a whole into the world of Final Fantasy! To this day there is no bigger RPG in the gamming system world than Final Fantasy, an i'm not talking bout PC cause WOW holds that title! I have a great feeling after Final Fantasy 13 hits xbox 360 we're going to celebrate when Square/Enix brings out the Next MMORPG to both XBOX & PS3 I for 1 am looking forwards to that day! "Final Fantasy Fan 4~Lyfe!"

badz1493773d ago

the question is, when will FFXIII come out? they haven't even started with the 360 yet and hell they haven't even finished their highest priority at the moment, which is the japanese PS3 version! after they released it 'exclusively' for PS3 in japan, then they'll start the localization for PS3 and porting for 360! ok, maybe they'll start doing that once the japanese version gone gold but still, I don't think it will be a month or 2 job! thanks to that, the PS3 owners will also have to wait! (what a nice way to treat the fans!)

so, I'm betting M$ will announce their new console before FFXIII even released!

iamtehpwn3773d ago

How come Final Fantasy X isn't on my Xbox 1?

*cough*Money whores*cough*

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BIoodmask3774d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I think that maybe you should actually read the article before throwing a tantrum.

Square-Enix's words...not mine:

""But now each console has many users, so this has kind of dictated the way that Final Fantasy will evolve in the future, and why it's being released on multiple consoles at once."

Last generation the PS2 dominated both the Gamecube and the Xbox in total install base. That is why PS2 had so many exclusives. With the PS3 install base being in 3rd as of now. Square-Enix can't ignore the amount of profit they will make off of a 360 release of FF 13.

Not to mention that the 360 sells a ton of software. There was never any loyalty to Sony from Square-Enix, it was just bc the PS2 had most of the market share last generation. Before Sony Square made games for Nintendo. 3rd parties have no loyalty to anybody unless they are under an exclusive contract.

Sqare-Enix has released more games on DS and Wii than both the 360 and PS3 combined.

Fishy Fingers3774d ago

"Not to mention that the 360 sells more software than the Wii and PS3 combined"

And where did you pull that little pearl of wisdom from? If it's attach rates then it is not a fair argument, having been on the market for a much longer time it's common sense to expect a higher attach rate.

PoSTedUP3774d ago

like around 50% of ff sales are in japan. 360 version not coming to japan.

its timed exclusive to ps3 for almost a year.

FF vs. 13 is still exclusive and it completes the franchise.

sony has a small share in square enix.

these are the reasons why it will not hurt sony that much, it will still move ps3's (maybe not as much) but not that much less than it would have if it were still exclusive. i dont think the 360 version will sell as much as the ps3 version.

tako20003773d ago

I believe most people felt upset aren't because how Sony will suffer, but what SE said and did...

SE kept saying FF13 is exclusive title for years, then suddenly go multi-platform on E3.

SE then said the game world is changed and thus multi-platform serve more audiences, but still they kept other console game exclusive.

Despite SE now pretty much dis PS3 completely. Sony won't go down b/c of this, they do have quit good exclusive coming up.

Sheddi3773d ago

what a bunch of [email protected]!
sorry for the language
and thats my opinion

Nevers3773d ago

“With Final Fantasy, the aim is to have as many people enjoy it as possible.”

I totally agree with this statement. I'll never be disappointed that more people get to enjoy something.

@Fishyfingers> uh... you misquoted Bloodmask completely. He said>

"Not to mention that the 360 sells a ton of software."

... and then said in his final paragraph>

"Sqare-Enix has released more games on DS and Wii than both the 360 and PS3 combined"

Megatron083773d ago

The sells figure of softwares have nothing to do with how long a systems been out. The attachment ratio goes by yearly sells. 360 owner buy 6-7 games a year, wii owners buy 1-2 and ps3 owners by 3-4 game per year.

I personally think that the reason 360 sells so many games is cause XBL is such a big part of the 360. I know that a lot of time when I get games I talk it over with my friends and most if not all of us go out and buy the same game so we can play together over XBL. Ps3 owners I think play more single player games cause most of them are ps fanboys and those are the types of games that have always been on the ps. Games like FF, DMC, MGS, GoW, RE and so on were big titles one the ps1 and 2.

btw yes I know RE5 and MGS have online now.

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Rob0g0rilla3774d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

You heard it here first.

Lol, you actually believe them? Ha, your nuts.

"SO4 is built from the ground up for the 360 how would the PS3 be able to handle its advanced graphics?."

Advanced graphics? What advanced graphics? SO4 can come out on any system. It doesn't matter. 2 star ocean games are coming exclusively to PSP.

Oh yeah, explain why there isn't a 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII in Japan? Because that crap won't sell in Japan. They hate 360. Like Eternal Sonata, I expect Star Ocean 4 to appear on the PS3 next year with some extras. Same with Tales of Vesperia.

Are you making this game?

"PS3 can not do this in realtime gameplay."

Lol, your a joke. Your riding this game because it's a 360 exclusive and you know it. There's PS3 games that look better then that CGI trailer.

I'm going to laugh in your face when this game is announced for PS3. It's inevitable.

But hey, keep telling yourself that BS.

power of Green 3774d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

The new MSFT published game is not called Halo 4 MSFT has said it is an entirely new game in the Halo universe.

2.2, the difference is SE has announced FF as coming to the 360 vs them saying there are no plans for SO4 being developed on the PS3. lol

SO4 is built from the ground up for the 360 how would the PS3 be able to handle its advanced graphics?.

PS3 can not do this in realtime gameplay.

It will be a washed out inferior version with piss poor textures and poor contrast in 2011 when and if they decide to make a PS3 version from the ground up?.

I wish you had a 360 so that you can see the E3 gameplay video of SO4, what you see here is what the gameplay really looks like.

Ferrite3774d ago

Final Fantasy XIV exclusive to the next Xbox. SE does the Nintendo stunt to Sony lol!

Hydrolex3774d ago

how did I fit you in your mom ? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Obama3773d ago

Star Ocean, while no doubt that it will be a great game, will do horrible on the 360 in NA.

The overly hyped blue dragon and LO are only able to reach half a million thus far, which means 360 owners don't like jrpg in general.

I still believe so4 will come to the ps3 eventually, but what a waste when the most 360 owners will not buy the game. Well, I guess MS's big fat check is enough to keep SE happy.

power of Green 3773d ago

Whats next?. lowl

More like, what now!!!!....

-Maverick-3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I can't freaking wait for Halo 4. Its gonna be sick.

Why disagree? lol Halo 4 will be insane. Stop disagree with people opinions homo's.

Rob0g0rilla3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

BioShock on PS3....oh wait..nvm it's coming in November even after they denied it 100 times. I remember Square denied Final Fantasy XIII for 360 a couple of times as well.

t-0_ot-3773d ago

@Rob0g0rilla - I love how you said that about BioShock.. Cause people keep saying that MGS4 won't appear on the 360 because the developers said that it is exclusive at least 100 times..

See, you can't always trust the developers.. =)

Rob0g0rilla3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I think MGS4 will come to an Xbox platform and I got 4 diagrees. I said this a day ago. Here's a link.

Your right, you can't trust any developer. I don't trust any of them. There are no strings on my back, I am no fanboy.

CaptainHowdy3773d ago

correct me if im wrong, but FF13 was made for the ground up on ps3 and has not even begun its porting to the 360...the same could be done for SO4

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