Playing As A Cop in GTA V is (Almost) Possible, Popular Mod LSPDFR Announced

From the team that brought us LCPDFR, take a look at the first infos on LSPDFR, the mod that will transform GTA V in a cop simulator.

Apparently, the official web site is under a DDOS attack right now, maybe from rival modders.

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Nwah1144d ago

It was dead from the start.

_-EDMIX-_1144d ago

lol, yea...this was the mod to kill it, it was going to set the world on fire until this.

Bathyj1144d ago

The cop missions in GTAIII were some of my favourite moments in that game. I dont get why they took them out. It was like playing an open world Chase HQ but better.

_-EDMIX-_1144d ago

Agreed. LOVED doing those in the older GTA games, I hope they bring a lot of those older features back next game....I mean we always got mods if they don't.

Nio-Nai1144d ago

Where are all the people who were going on about it how you couldn't mod the game?

TeamLeaptrade1144d ago

Looks like it'll be a ton of fun. Would be interesting to get a team of friends in the police force, going off and catching criminals. I need to get a good PC soon.

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