First Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Details Leak, Confirms New Movement, XP System, & Map Design

MP1st - Detailed information from a Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 pamphlet has allegedly leaked, describing a multitude of new features and mechanics present in the game’s multiplayer, single player, and Zombies modes.


Details on Black Ops 3's single player campaign and Zombies mode have been added.

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UrbanBullet1058d ago

as if it's not crazy enough...

thematrix12981058d ago

They are bringing back the Exo, I hated it :(

Nitrowolf21058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )

they aren't exactly back as they are human augmentation this time around, but they will most likely play the same. I hope not tbh, cause thats what advance warfare is for, we don't need more than one in the series like it. So I'm really hoping it's just not exo-movements under a new name, but it's cod so.

Was really hoping treyarch would stick to it's tradtional past/present day setting

d_g1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )


really !!

i'll stick with star wars battlefront 3

Unreal011058d ago

@ d_g

But you have seen literally nothing of Star Wars Battlefront. Jumping the gun a bit?

IVanSpinal1058d ago

Need to make a seaparate playlist for Augmented Abilities & normal COD. Win=Win

WeAreLegion1058d ago

Oh, Tobias. You blowhard!

neocores1058d ago

WTF r u reading? No where in the post does it say they are brging back the exo. Cant Read?

Utalkin2me1057d ago


Yeah just like advanced warfare has.

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3-4-51058d ago

* The Exo suits, on paper should add to the game, not take away.

* The Exo suits ruined COD and made it super noob friendly.

* Made it nearly impossible to get more than 3-4 kills in a row, because somebody was always spawning behind you, and jumping to you in 2 seconds.

Last COD, was BY FAR the least amount of fun I've ever had playing a shooter of any kind in any gaming era.

TrollsBringer1058d ago

Black Ops 3’s new Zombies mode will revolve around an “all-new narrative” with a “full XP-based progression system.”

FINALLY! About time they added something from the aliens mode of Ghosts.

Yo Mama1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )

Great. People are going to be zipping around the ground as opposed to the air. SMH. Why can't we just get a normal COD again? Looks like I may be skipping this one. Know for sure in a few days.

bondsmx1058d ago

Luckily there is a beta if you preorder, so put $5 down on it, play the beta, decide if it's worth your money. If it is, you know you'll like it from the beta, if it's not, pull your $5 off, and you got piece of mind what the games like, and not wondering if your missing out by not buying it.

Personally, I've bought every CoD since CoD4, and I liked most, but these starting with MW3, I just have burnt out on them and didn't like them. But I've bought everyone hoping this next one will be "better".

So pumped this one has a beta, I'll play it, decide what I think, and know my decision is good because I'll have played the beta.

cbrcsg20011058d ago

agreed.. thats what im doing.. if I dont like the beta, I'll cancel my preorder

GhostTurtle1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )

Exactly the same with me man. Bought all of them since MW1, with the fun capping out at BO1. With each one I had hope it would get better. The last two imo, are some of the worst experiences Ive ever had in any franchise I can say I am/use to be a fan of.

dillhole1058d ago

same COD = complain it never changes
different COD = bring back the old one!

objdadon1058d ago

It was the minority and other haters who screamed for cod changes. Cod is a game that never needed so called "innovation", people liked it the way it was. No matter what haters said every cod played differently from the other. But not so dramatic to piss off its hardcore fans.

MysticStrummer1058d ago

"No matter what haters said every cod played differently from the other."

That's insane.

dcj05241058d ago

To be honest I don't get it. People were sick of the same old COD and then last year they so something drastically different and the same people are all "I miss regular cod" after 1 game. Either way they win though. Each COD makes more money than most entertainment products.

wcas1058d ago

Unlimited double jump and boost ruined Advanced Warfare. If BO3 has the same I will be done with COD until one comes out without that feature.

Utalkin2me1057d ago

How about you just play the normal COD playlist? Just like AW has.

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Blackleg-sanji1058d ago

Wait I'm confused ppl are complaining now I thought it was getting stale??! This is why I couldn't make games it's impossible to plz u guys if any of u at all

RalphBlutawn1058d ago

Exactly people wanted CoD to change. It did (Exo-Suits). Now people want it to go back to the way it was(Standard run and gun). Only to complain yet again and cry out for change.
I mean its a military twitch shooter what more could you possibly want from it.

Dirtnapstor1058d ago

I'd like to see a cycle in the series revert to a WAW or a MW multiplayer. Sometimes less is more.

MysticStrummer1058d ago

Wanting change doesn't mean wanting stupid changes.

MCTJim1058d ago

I don't think its stale. I think its just too damn much going into it. Most people I know don't like AW at all. People are longing to back to the days of World at War and MW. It was so simple to play and understand the perks/upgrades were great. Now its too complex for most players. They need to tone it back big time and make it fun again for most everyone.

HammadTheBeast1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )

They seem to think just increasing the pace 20x is the way to go, rather than going back to the well-paced style of MW2 and MW.

Black Ops 1 kind of figured it out, but then they just decided to go back to the new style.

nucky641058d ago

I don't think it's that hard if they listen to gamers - I'd say the majority have been asking for world at war2.....and what do they give us???

OrangePowerz1058d ago

How many would complain that WW2 is old and that they have to go back to WW2 because they ran out of ideas? I guess a a lot. If it's called CoD people will complain no matter what they do. Than again a lot of the people who are vocal wouldn't by the game anyway no matter how good it would be.

thricetold1058d ago

No, just no. Imo it's a minority that wants to go back in time to boring arse ww2.

MysticStrummer1058d ago

"it's a minority that wants to go back in time to boring arse ww2."

We'll see. I'm betting CoD sales continue to decrease like they have for the last few installments.

Lennoxb631058d ago

The people complaining are going to be the first ones in line to play. So don't take the complaints as a negative.

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JMaine5181058d ago

Co-op campaign? Let's go. I'm happy there's is no Exo suits.

Nitrowolf21058d ago

i don't really understand this in terms of what was wrong with that, cause from the decription, it sounds like it'll be the same in gameplay
"“momentum-based chained-movement system” that will allow players to traverse the map in continuous motion using thrust jumps, slides, and mantling abilities, all while remaining in control of your weapon at all times."

I mean, what difference is that? I guess we will know from the reveal, but it sounds pretty much the same

JMaine5181058d ago

While I think it's exo like movements I feel these will be more grounded. At least I hope.

Eulderink1058d ago

let's just get back to cod4, and everyone will be happy :D

Paytaa1058d ago

I don't think any CoD will ever achieve what CoD 4 achieved. It'll take another game from another franchise to give a CoD 4-like wow factor. Plus its really hard to attempt to innovate in an FPS. Every developer thinks making everything twice as fast in terms of gameplay is evolution when it usually breaks the core gameplay fundamentals. Its why I can't really play Advanced Warfare.

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