Dissidia Details Surface: Square Enix Kills Emo Cloud; PS4 Version a Long Way Off

Breaking apart from the longform translation we currently have going, Shehzaan Abdulla makes an itemized list of all the things we've learned about Dissidia from the Famitsu interview that we don't find in the Dengeki Online interview.

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RmanX10001039d ago

"The voices for the game are all being recorded from scratch. Both Terra and Cloud are going have positive personalities this time around (goodbye, Emo Cloud)."
That was always one issue I had with Cloud outside of the original FF7. He came across as a "depressed emo anime cool guy" which is a horrible character type in my opinion :P I'm glad they giving them some actual emotion this time.

Articuno761039d ago

Yeah. What's weird was Cloud wasn't a mopey character originally. Especially by the end of VII where he was a courageous leader of sorts. And since then SE have boiled him down to a one-dimensional emo.

But we are already seeing a more positive side to him in the trailers. That smile.

RmanX10001039d ago

If I recall, and I could be wrong, one of the producers or directors or someone said that the idea to make Cloud all emo and broody was because he read a lot fan stories where he had that demeanor and took it to heart. Fanfics are like.. not the right place to incorporate fan feedback dude.

izumo_lee1039d ago

I don't get why some get so worked up about Cloud's state of mind. He was going through depression really having lost a close friend where he couldn't do anything to prevent it. I think it was normal behaviour not being emo. As someone who has gone through depression it isn't easy to rid yourself of it.

Granted by the end of advent children he recovered his confidence and became the great hero he is. Which I think is what SE is thinking when changing his mood, post advent children cloud.

RmanX10001039d ago

But it's a bit strange when by the end of FF7 he was not anything like that, and then bam he's suddenly upset again seems really odd. I wouldn't mind if he had always been like that but it's the really strange and out of nowhere change that is what made me not like that "version" of Cloud.

Articuno761039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

It was an issue because his post-FF7 emo-fication clashed with his established character/character growth in FF7. But it's not just in the FF7 universe - he's been emo-cast for many of the cameos he's made since FF7, again, in contrast to his original characterisation.

His upset would make sense if he was still carrying that mood at the end of 7, but he wasn't. So when he appeared in Advent Children his switch to emo-mode was regressive.

Spotie1039d ago

It wasn't sudden. Two years after saving the world, he's sick with who knows what, and since he wasn't all that good at expressing his emotions in the first place, he goes back to being the withdrawn person you see for some time in VII. Remember, much of his personality in VII is actually Zack's.

miyamoto1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

Just keep the flood of great PS4 exclusives flowing SE & Sony.
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