The Story of A Dragon Named Coal – Hands-On Preview (The Koalition)

David Jagneaux of The Koalition writes:
With the boom of indie games in recent years, it’s harder than ever to stand out from the pack in a meaningful way. Pixel art games are more common than zombies, dragons are in every other game, and metroidvania platform RPGs are more popular than either Metroid or Castlevania themselves ever were – it’s a crazy time for the game industry. So, how then exactly does someone get their small indie game created by two people noticed? Well, making something that’s both fun to play and interesting is a good start, and A Dragon Named Coal is just that.

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Venomousfatman1131d ago

Anything with Metoird-vania style and RPG aspects sounds pretty neat to me.

Profexxion1131d ago

I'm not sure what this art style is called but I'm drawn to games with it. This should be quite interesting.