Velocity 2X Creative Director Nails Concept for a New Game: "Very Excited About the Future"

At times game creators come up with concepts for new games in unexpected ways and moments, and Futurlab Creative Director James Marsden let everyone know via the studio’s Twitter account that one of such “eureka” moments happened today.

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G3n3raL861347d ago

Velocity 2X is awesome, can't wait for their next project:)

Septic1347d ago

I want this. I got challenged by someone on here to platinum the game. Once BB is done, this will be my next venture.

These indie games are just getting better and better.

saposaposapo1347d ago

I wish you good luck my friend. I was able to get platinum in this game, but you'll need a open mind and to remain cool or else the slightest distraction it's GG.

Septic1347d ago

Thanks. What you've basically told me is that I need a new TV, new controller and some morphine.

Balsanoid1347d ago

I'm really glad I was introduced to the awesomeness of Velocity 2X through Playstation Plus! I'll gladly support this developer after that stellar effort.

saposaposapo1347d ago

Velocity 2x was one of my favorite games last year, it really was that amazing, addictive and challenging. I'll be following closely anything they are working on this time.

Wolfenstein511347d ago

Velocity 2x was one of the most underappriciated games of all time. I was hooked playing this game on my Vita. Game design was stellar so I am sure his next idea will be great.