3 Huge Ways Halo 5’s Story Could Change Everything

The most recent trailers for Halo 5 give us new context and paints the series' hero in a brand new light. How big could this impact be on the Halo universe?

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XiMasterChief1175d ago

Team Chieftain

He's not MC btw.

pheature1175d ago

fair play to 363 for going down a different route.
if it works, i think so as the fan base is powerfull.
somthing new

Naga1175d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Seriously? These are the three "huge" ways that Halo 5's story could "change everything"?

Rask1175d ago

I'll cry if Chief dies.

TripC501175d ago

He probably won't die in 5 but I'll be disappointed if he never dies....what I'm saying is I better see Chief die before I die. Take his helmet off Star Wars style at the end too.

Naga1175d ago

No. Spartans never die.

TripC501175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Well before he goes MIA I better get to see that ugly battle torn face.

turdburgler10801175d ago

Chief will take off his helmet and we get to play the whole game that way. Cortana returns but now she is pole dancing while we see her interact with chief. The grunts become supreme leaders of the covenant and can't pass a budget thus defaulting on covenant loans and are thus downgraded from AAA+ credit rating status to AAA. Everyone says it's the best halo ever.

sinspirit1175d ago

New gun at the end of the game that is almighty, find the core of a big ship and destroy it, similar ending as CoD where your rival has a total lead on you in a 1v1 but you slow motion grab a gun and shoot him in the head as if he wasn't tough enough in the first place to get you in your current situation, armor suddenly isn't bulletproof for the sake of a climactic shot in the helmet, done. Somehow make another game and label it as the ending of a trilogy that so far doesn't tie in to all the games as three parts of a whole story, which started out ridiculous.

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